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General Information

Rutgers University Air Pollution Training Program (RAPTP) has been providing air pollution training to federal, state and local air pollution agency and private sector personnel since the 1950's. The RAPTP is housed and operated in the Department of Environmental Sciences of Rutgers University, an academic department. The program maintains a state-of-art training facility that includes two classrooms and a well equipped laboratory with source and ambient monitoring and sampling instrumentation. The Program is funded primarily through course fees and state grants to provide continuing professional education to individuals from state and local air pollution agencies as well as the private sector. Training courses are conducted at the university and by request at other locations.

The course instructors are drawn from the Department of Environmental Sciences' faculty as well as from highly qualified individuals from both the public and private sectors. The RAPTP offers EPA designated courses such as APTI 450-Source Sampling, APTI 435-Atmospheric Sampling, APTI 464-Analytical Methods for Air Quality Standards, APTI 413-Control of Particulate Emissions, APTI 415-Control of Gaseous Emissions, APTI 452-Principles and Practices of Air Pollution Control, and others. We also offer visible emissions evaluation certification and recertification training and jurisdiction-specific courses in odor enforcement.