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Video Preview: Learn How to Engage Employees with Corporate Trainer
George Wright

Employee Engagement Training for Your Organization

Engaged employees love their work, are focused, and trust their leaders. High employee engagement leads to higher company profitability, growth, and customer satisfaction. So... how do you increase employee engagement?

In this 2-minute clip of our training course, you'll learn the difference between contribution and commitment from instructor George Wright, an industrial organizational psychologist. You'll learn why measuring engagement via employee surveys is a challenge and what being an "engaged employee" really means.

In the full version of the course, George Wright explores in-depth the 11 essential practices that increase employee engagement, teaching leaders how to improve employee engagement and, thereby, employee motivation and retention.

Interested in Improving Employee Engagement?

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The full, in-depth version of this employee engagement training course can be customized to suit the needs and initiatives of any organization. To find out how to bring this topic and instructor -- or any of our other staff training courses -- to your facility, contact us:

Sharon Gutterman, Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: 848-932-7701

Success Story: Valley National Bank Partners with Rutgers to Offer Training Program for Emerging Leaders

Utilizing the training expertise of Rutgers OCPE and professional management training consultant George Wright, Valley National Bank has offered leadership development training to emerging leaders and mid-level management. Read the full story about this successful partnership.

About George Wright, Employee Engagement Strategies Instructor

George Wright, founder and President of WrightOne Consulting, LLC, has over twenty-five years of experience as a management consultant. He has been teaching management courses through Rutgers OCPE since 2011. His educational background includes a Master of Science degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Radford University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts.

George has extensive experience helping clients with employee selection, employee development, performance management, strategy formulation, change management, leadership development, organizational development, and client relationship management. He has demonstrated creative problem solving with a broad range of clients in a variety of industries. He also provides individualized career development and coaching services and works as an adjunct instructor in the Psychology Department at Bloomfield College.

Employee Engagement Course: Extended Video Preview

Can your organization benefit from George Wright's employee engagement strategies course? Get a more in-depth look at the type of professional development training that OCPE can provide in this extended course preview video.