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Video Preview: Corporate Trainer Francine Kaplan Teaches Strategies for
De-Escalating Workplace Conflicts

Positive Responses to Negative Behavior: Employee Training Course

In this workshop, presenter Francine Kaplan will help you identify negative workplace behaviors and learn how to improve them to be a better team player and colleague for your organization. The course outlines common conflicts and defines stressors in the workplace. Attendees also learn and practice techniques to deal with stress and conflict. The importance of essential workplace communication skills is also discussed.

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About Francine Kaplan, Workplace Communication Trainer

Francine Kaplan's background includes working within the child welfare system of New Jersey, acting as an independent healthcare advocate, and working as a professional mediator in divorce proceedings. Through these roles, she has honed her interpersonal skills and shares her expertise in effective communication with students who attend her classes. She also has extensive experience in bridging communication gaps between different groups in order to ensure productive work environments. During the 20 years in which she worked as a healthcare advocate, she proactively interacted with physicians, facilities, and agencies to ensure that the highest level of care was continuously delivered and brings this background to her customer service training classes.

Francine earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Early Childhood Education and Communications from Hunter College, as well as a Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers Law School. In addition to leading workplace communication training, Francine has also presented courses on topics including Customer Service, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Time Management.