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Video Preview: I'm in Charge, Now What?
Training for New Supervisors with Corporate Trainer Dr. Denise Dennis

Supervisory Skills Training Program for Newly Promoted Employees

Congratulations, you were promoted to a supervisor position! But the transition from peer to supervisor is not without its challenges. In this training course preview, Dr. Denise Dennis talks about a few of the changes in mindset and skill set that new supervisors must have to be successful in their new leadership positions.

In the full training course, Dr. Dennis goes into this topic in great depth, providing specific strategies to help newly promoted employees manage the transition to their supervisory positions and successfully manage their former peers. She covers topics including developing leadership skills and a support network, redefining relationships with former peers, and establishing credibility and authority.

Interested in Bringing This Training Course for New Supervisors to your Organization?

The full, in-depth version of this supervisory skills training course can be customized to suit the needs and initiatives of any organization. To find out how to bring this topic and instructor -- or any of our other staff training courses -- to your facility, contact us:

Sharon Gutterman, Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: 848-932-7701

About Dr. Denise Dennis, Supervisory Skills Corporater Trainer

Dr. Denise Dennis is the owner/leader transformation coach at Prepared Mind Coaching, LLC, where she offers individual and group coaching programs and leadership development training on topics such as team building, conflict management, and interpersonal communication. She has worked in the fields of education, training and coaching for over 20 years and shares her knowledge, experience, and passion for helping clients create positive change through the corporate training she provides to our employee training clients.

In addition to teaching coursesthrough Rutgers OCPE, Dr. Dennis is a Professor of Psychology at Bloomfield College. She served as the Chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Science between 2006 and 2012. In the past, she was an Assistant Professor of Management at Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College/City University of New York.

Her previous experience includes working as an Outplacement Consultant at Drake Beam Morin and as President/Senior Consultant at The Orris Center, Inc. In these positions, she provided leadership coaching and training for new leaders, coached individuals through career transitions, and developed and facilitated a variety of professional skills training workshops. These workshops covered topics such as career development, conflict resolution, team building, time management, cultivating the leader within, college survival skills, and more.

Dr. Dennis earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University. Prior to studying at North Carolina State, she received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley. She has an Online Teaching Certification from Bloomfield College. Dr. Dennis is a Professional Certified Career Coach and a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst. She has published a self-help coaching book entitled, Make That Change! Eight Steps for Crafting Your Ideal Life.

Training for New Supervisors: Extended Video Preview

Can your organization benefit from Dr. Denise Dennis's course on how to be a great supervisor? Get a more in-depth look at the type of professional development training that Rutgers OCPE can provide in this extended course preview video.