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Equine Nutrition

Online Semester Course for Continuing Education Students

Course Code: AA0307WA21

Rutgers Equine Nutrition Class

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Last Held: January 19 - May 3, 2021

This is a self-paced class with weekly assignment deadlines. To be successful, you should plan to dedicate approximately 8-10 hours per week for classwork.

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This course designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the nutritional management and requirements of horses. It is appropriate for both novice and experienced horse enthusiasts, though some background in both nutrition and equine science is necessary to excel in the course.

Topics include:

  • Gastrointestinal physiology;
  • Digestion;
  • Essential nutrients;
  • Feeds and supplements;
  • Reading feed tags;
  • Evaluating a forage analysis;
  • Pasture management;
  • Ration analysis and balancing;
  • Nutritional deficits and excesses;
  • Nutrition related diseases; and
  • Nutritional management of mares, stallions, foals, and performance horses.

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and compare the basic digestive anatomy of horses and how it relates to digestion and absorption.
  2. Recognize the diversity of a horse's nutritional requirements based on different life stages.
  3. Critically evaluate feeding programs, recognize deficits/excesses in the rations, and know the signs to look for in horses fed deficient or excess nutrients.
  4. Critique feeds and supplements with regard to quality, nutrient content, and necessity in a horse's ration.
  5. Design a feeding program for a farm incorporating 3-4 different life stages and one problem horse.

Course Format and Assessment

This online course is very interactive. It includes readings, videos, class assessments, and discussions, along with mini case studies and a group project. Each week there are discussions and assignments that have due dates, but there are no scheduled 'lectures.' Therefore, when you complete the work is entirely up to you and what works for your schedule. It is required for you to have access to a computer for ease of viewing the material and completing the assignments. Student performance assessment is based on discussions, assignments, quizzes, case studies, and a final project.

View the full syllabus for this course.

Who Can Attend?

This 14-week program is an undergraduate course that is offered on a noncredit basis to horse owners, trainers, feed sales representatives, and anyone else who is interested in the topic. A high school diploma is required. Continuing education students will receive continuing education units (3.6 CEUs) rather than undergraduate college credits.

Course Instructor

Dr. Carey Williams, Professor, Rutgers Department of Animal Sciences
Read bio.


Students are responsible for obtaining the following two required texts on their own. Purchasing the third supplemental text is optional. All other materials and videos are provided through the course website.

  1. REQUIRED: Equine Nutrition and Feeding, ed. David Frape, 4th Edition, 2010, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing
  2. REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTAL: National Research Council: Nutrient Requirements of Horses, 6th Revised Edition, 2007
  3. SUPPLEMENTAL: Horse Pasture Management, ed. Paul H. Sharpe, 1st Edition, 2018, Academic Press
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No meals will be provided at this course.

Accessing this Online Course

This online course will be facilitated on the Canvas Virtual Platform. It is recommended that you access the course using a computer (desktop or laptop) with a high-speed internet connection. A built-in laptop microphone or external microphone can be used. Webcams are optional. Kindly note that this training is best viewed using the Chrome web browser. Tablets can also be used. If you plan to access the course using a mobile device, you should download the Canvas app. Please review this link for information: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10567.


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