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Landscape Business Management Certificate

Are you working hard but not making the money you expected? Many landscapers excel at the skills of landscaping but fail at the skills of business. These people spend years working harder rather than smarter and some even end up out of business. Is there an easier way?

Yes! Enroll today in the Rutgers Landscape Business Management Certificate!

Landscape Business Management Certificate

  • All of the classes in this certificate series are led by experienced and successful members of their industries – people who have been there and succeeded – and who are now willing to share their years of wisdom with you.
  • This certificate program consists of 3 classes. You may choose any three of the four classes listed below.
  • Do it all in one winter - or take a few courses each season until you've completed the requirements!
  • Total cost: $585 (*Price is based upon early registration fee for each class.)
  • Questions about the Landscape Business Management Certificate? Contact Us

Landscape Business Management Certificate Program Courses:

You get 3 classes / 3 days of training! Choose any 3 of these 4 classes:

Landscape Business Management Skills Class

Better Business Management Skills for the Landscape Professional (Dec. 2021/Jan. 2022 - Tentative)
Marcus vandeVliet is a popular industry consultant as well as the former owner of a successful landscaping business specializing in high-end residential projects. In this class, he will discuss the vital financial information you'll need to make a profit, including job costing, profit and loss statements, cash flow, financial ratios, hiring and firing, and more. Yes, you need to know this!

Landscape Sales Training

Making the Most Out of the Internet and Your Website (TBD)
Take your internet marketing to the next level and learn how to become a player in the digital world!

Business and Pricing Strategies

Common Sense Business & Pricing Strategies for Landscape Contractors (TBD)
Mark Borst and Chris James, two of New Jersey's most successful landscape contractors, will give you the benefit of their experience in this comprehensive one-day course. Learn about estimating and bidding, calculating overhead, marketing, effective work flow, and more. There will also be a question and answer session. Don't miss the chance to consult with two of the area's best!

Key Elements of Sucess for Landscape Contractors

Landscape Project Management (TBD)
The project is designed, estimated, and sold. Now what? Many project problems originate during the transfer from sales to production. Other problems occur due to poor project preparation. Marcus VandeVliet will show you how to make the transfer smooth and the preparation complete.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Landscape Business Management Certificate

Do I need to apply for a certificate progam?
No. You just register for the individual classes.

How do I register for a certificate program?
You sign up for each class individually. The best way is to do it right here on our website.

Do I need to take all of the classes within a certificate in one year?
No. Do it all in one winter or take a few courses each season until you’ve completed the requirements!

If you are a One Stop customer, please contact Casey Sky Noon: 848-932-7250 or noon@njaes.rutgers.edu.

For all other inquiries, please contact Program Coordinator Joe Canzano: 848-932-7317 or jdc110@njaes.rutgers.edu.

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