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Date & Location

The XVth International Symposium on Trichoptera

June 4-7, 2015 in New Brunswick, NJ

Trichoptera Symposium 2015

Hosted by Dr. Karl Kjer, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources, Rutgers University

Don't delay; pre-register now at the price of $325 per person / $200 per student!
Pre-registration ends on April 30, 2015.

Onsite registration prices increase to $425 per person / $300 per student.

The International Symposium on Trichoptera is held every 3 years in localities around the world. The symposium is dedicated to the sharing of information and expertise on Trichoptera (Caddisflies). There will be talks during the day, a poster session, a field trip, and plenty of opportunities for socializing. Anyone interested in caddisflies is welcome.

Announcements will be made on the Trichoptera listserv and the Trichoptera Research Facebook page.

Abstracts and Registration Deadlines

The deadline for both abstracts and registration is April 30, 2015. Onsite registration will be offered on a "space available" basis. Abstracts should be submitted to Dr. Kjer via email. For the symposium, Rutgers University is obligated to fill an estimated number of rooms at the Hyatt, and for this reason, we encourage you to register early.


Talks can be given in either PowerPoint, Keynote, or a variety of programs, on either Mac or PC. Speakers may bring their presentations by flash drive, CD, or DVD. Talks will either be 10 or 20 minutes in duration, and the scheduling committee will consult with the authors on how much time is allocated to each speaker. We request that talks include information that requires some interpretation from the speakers, while lists of species (for example) be presented in posters. If you would like to give a very quick presentation because your institution requires that you speak in order to receive financial support for travel, we will offer a special 2-5 minute chat session.

We will have a poster session, with posters of standard dimensions. Exact sizes of the presentation boards will be made available on this website.

Presentations, both posters and talks, should be given in English.

Although much of New Jersey is urban, there are still pristine and beautiful natural areas here; particularly in the northeast, and in the southern Pine Barrens. New Jersey is home to approximately 250 Trichoptera species. During the symposium, we will be traveling by bus to Stokes State Forest, in northwestern New Jersey.

Collection Swap & Literature Sharing

Over the last few years, in anticipation of the meeting, Dr. Kjer has accumulated some unsorted pan trap material from the eastern U.S., from Florida through New Jersey. He will divide this material and offer it to interested participants. Others are encouraged to do the same.

We will be encouraging participants to upload (or bring) PDFs of their papers to an established website for this purpose so that we can distribute DVDs of Trichoptera literature.

Pre-Symposium Molecular Workshop

Karl Kjer and Paul Frandsen will offer a 4 day molecular workshop from May 30-June 2, immediately prior to the XVth International Symposium on Trichoptera. During this workshop we will extract, purify, amplify and sequence the barcode fragment of DNA. Participants are encouraged to bring their own samples. Specimens should have been collected within the last 5 years and preserved either on pins or in 95% ethanol. Contact Dr. Kjer for details about what will work, but in general, fresher is better. Cost for the workshop will vary, but will start at $100, plus $5 per sample. Species that are new to the barcode of life database (BOLD) will be sequenced free of charge, and we will offer discounts on the registration fee for genera not present in BOLD, so that those with limited funds could contribute to the barcode of life database, learn DNA techniques, and leave with data for a very small fee. Additional markers may also be sequenced at cost. If all goes well, it may be possible for each person to leave the symposium with up to 100 sequences completed. Up to 6 participants in this workshop may stay at Dr. Kjer's house before the symposium, free of charge, or reserve a room at the Hyatt. For more information on this pre-symposium event, please contact Dr. Kjer.

Post-Symposium Excursion Information

Immediately following the meeting, a group of 15-20 of us, selected on a first come-first serve basis, will travel to the Monongahela National Forest in eastern West Virginia for a 7-10 day collecting trip (duration depending on participant interest). We will then make our way northward, and end up in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Please be sure to click "Register for Workshops" on the last page after adding the symposium to your cart. There is no pre-registration fee; however, pre-registration is required for logistical purposes.

NOTE: Fees for this trip will be collected independently of the symposium, and be based on whether participants are staying in hotels (which will always be an option, close to the campers), or camping. Camping fees are very cheap, so costs for participants who camp would only include van rental, gasoline, and camp food. Additional information on hotel accommodations and equipment will be provided later, but Dr. Kjer will provide tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment.

Traveling to New Brunswick, NJ

NOTE: Click here to book your room at the Hyatt Regency (select the appropriate housing option when checking out). Please do not contact the hotel directly. The information below is for directional purposes only.

The XVth International Symposium on Trichoptera will be held at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. New Brunswick, population 55,000, is the home of Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey. New Brunswick is conveniently located on the east coast of the United States, 40 miles (64 km) south of Manhattan.

By Train:
Located on the New Jersey Transit Northeast Corridor Line, rail service allows easy access from Newark International Airport and into Manhattan. The Hyatt Regency Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the New Brunswick train station. Train connections to Philadelphia and Washington DC are relatively easy.

By Airplane:
There are 4 major international airports connected to New Brunswick by train: Philadelphia, Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark. Unless the difference in airfare is hundreds of dollars less, it is strongly recommended that you use Newark Liberty International. Newark is an easy 40 minute direct train ride into New Brunswick. Flying into Kennedy airport involves 2 different trains, and will take 2 and one half hours. La Guardia is not linked by rail to New Brunswick, and would involve buses, subways, and trains (avoid LaGuardia airport if at all possible). Philadelphia airport would involve multiple trains as well, and over 2 hours in transit. Given the ease of rail connections, there will be no shuttle service from the airports.

Local Activities:
The Hyatt is located in downtown New Brunswick, which offers many fine dining and social opportunities within walking distance. The Zimmerli Art Museum is close to the train station. New Brunswick also has a theater district. It is safe to walk in the business areas of downtown New Brunswick. Dr. Kjer's home is in Highland Park, a 5-10 minute walk across the Raritan River bridge, and he plans to host informal nightly gatherings. New York City is 1 hour away by train. (They have some museums and theaters in New York too; you could make it into Manhattan for the night life, and arrive back by 2 AM, ready for talks at 9.)

Participants should check the specific requirements for obtaining visas to enter the United States. Please allow time for this process to be completed. It would be a shame to miss you because of visa problems. Once you know the procedures, please email Dr. Kjer with instructions on what you need. He will be happy to write letters of invitation, when required.

Location of Trichoptera Symposium 2015


Last Held: June 4-7, 2015
9:00am - 4:00pm
Hyatt Regency
2 Albany St.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Registration Information


Pre-Registration Deadline:
April 30, 2015

Conference Only:
$325 per person

Conference Only

$200 per person

NOTE: Pre-registration ends Thursday, April 30, 2015.
Don't delay; Onsite prices increase to $425 per person / $300 per student.


Overnight accommodations can be made with your registration. Do not contact the Hyatt directly.

Check-in: June 3
Check-out: June 7

SINGLE Occupancy Accommodations:
$550 per room
** Select this option if you wish to have a room by yourself, or if you are traveling with a spouse/partner.

DOUBLE Occupancy Accommodations:
$270 per person
** Select this option if you wish to be paired with another attendee.

Check-out: June 8

SUNDAY Accommodations:
$139 per room
** Select this option if you wish to extend your stay through Sunday evening.

NOTE: If you are bringing students and plan to place 3 or 4 in a room, please contact us before finalizing your registration.

If you are interested in attending the post-symposium excursion, please be sure to click "Register for Workshops" when registering online prior to check out. There is no pre-registration fee; however, pre-registration is required for logistical purposes.

Hotel Accommodations

Selected accommodations include check in on Wednesday, June 3 and check out on Sunday, June 7.

If you are staying for an optional field trip, you may contact the Hyatt Regency to add additional overnight accommodations on your own at a rate of $139/night.

Breakfast is included for hotel guests ONLY.

Scientific Committee

Karl Kjer, Professor of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources, Rutgers University

Ralph Holzenthal, Professor of Entomology, University of Minnesota

John Morse, Professor Emeritus, Clemson University

Oliver Flint, Jr., Curator Emeritus, National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian)

Paul Frandsen, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Entomology, Rutgers University

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