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Testimonials from Workforce Development Grant Recipients

Read about the experiences of training grant recipients who worked with our staff to offer development opportunities to their employees!

Raritan Bay Medical Center

"The biggest benefit to the organization has been the prep training for ICD-10 coding. Our coding staff had the convenience of having someone come on site and teach them, so I didn't lose any productivity within the department. The teachers were excellent, they really geared the courses to exactly what they needed, so it wasn't a waste of time. It was a high quality education and having it grant funded made it very easy for the organization to really embrace it and run with the program.

Being that our budget is so tight at the hospital year after year, it's hard for us to always get the education that we need and we want, so it's a great opportunity for us to supply this education to our coders on site and grant funded."

Julie Feibush- JoAnn Ferrara
Director of Medical Records
Raritan Bay Medical Center


Saint Peter's Healthcare System

"At Saint Peter's Healthcare System we are currently in our fourth grant cycle and have had education and training opportunities that have benefited all levels of staff and our Healthcare System as a whole.

We have had trainings in electronic medical records, ICD-10, classes in ServSafe for food and nutrition and a set of business communication classes with an emphasis on conflict resolution and enhanced communication skills. With the support of the Rutgers OCPE staff, we developed a new module of trainings in geriatrics and offered, for the first time, a customized patient care technician training which meets the standards of excellence we require. We have been able to facilitate several medical interpreter trainings for our staff and provided additional language support through a Spanish for Healthcare class. We have also been able to provide advanced certification in pediatric hematology/oncology, Alzheimer's and dementia care.

This grant has allowed Saint Peter's to offer training opportunities which we may not have otherwise been able to provide. It has also facilitated our ability to offer training opportunities earlier than we might have expected.

The level of instruction has been very high. In many cases, staff has acquired skills that have or will allow them to advance in the workforce. From the point of view of patient service, quality, cultural competency and customer service, the grant has been very useful to us."

Julie Feibush- Julie Feibush
Grants Coordinator
Saint Peter's Healthcare System


"The staff from Rutgers was extremely helpful in all of the phases of the grant. They were all patient, knowledgeable and always available to assist me. This grant was just the BEST, EXCELLENT. We had 27 employees receive certificates for attending more than 5 sessions. The response from the staff...was extremely positive. As a result of the grant, we were able to provide much needed Leadership and Customer Service training to our employees. The results of all of the training have been noticeable to the mangers, other staff members, senior management and the customers. Training is such an important part of our corporate culture and this grant money allows us to deliver wonderful training."

"All of the trainers were excellent, extremely professional and knowledgeable and created positive learning environments. As the Director of Training, I received nothing but positive feedback about all of the instructors who came to us via Rutgers."

"[We are] extremely pleased with the services Rutgers has provided. They are professional, personable, resourceful, and always willing to help meet our training needs. We look forward to working with Rutgers on our second grant application and have added more courses taught by Rutgers, as well as our own internal area experts."

"Rutgers University Office of Continuing Professional Education has done an outstanding job as our Third Party Training Provider. Without exception, all of the Rutgers trainers have been excellent and received extremely high ratings from participants on class evaluations. On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being the highest), our average score for all of the classes was approximately 4.65 for overall satisfaction with the programs. Along with being great in the classroom, the Rutgers trainers were always well-prepared, reliable and highly professional. Rutgers administrative staff provided us with invaluable support to enable us to effectively manage our grant. They helped us: 1) understand and meet the requirements of the grant; 2) set up logistics for running our programs and 3) select highly qualified trainers for our classes. Because they are so good at what they do, we look forward to partnering with them in the future."

"Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education is an ASSET to this grant. The curriculum provided was OUTSTANDING with evaluations rating the content as extremely valuable to the worker."

"Rutgers was a pleasure to deal with regarding our training initiatives. They are professional, friendly, and quite supportive and accommodating. They demonstrate exceptional customer service and attention to detail always."

"All of the trainers provided through Rutgers University were top notch and did a great job training our employees.  Many of the trainers got so popular that they were being requested on a regular basis and we used the name of the instructor in our marketing materials to help enrollment."

"It was a joy working with this team and I am actually looking forward to going through the application process again with the help of the entire team at Rutgers!!!"


Health Literacy Course Reviews

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

"This [health] literacy course will open every healthcare provider's eyes to the profound challenges that patients have when trying to get even the most basic healthcare information. [The course] will show you how you can improve health literacy on an individual and organization-wide basis and make changes right away."
- Terry Carolan
Director of Education
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

"Eye opening. It really makes you think about how easily things are miscommunicated or not communicated at all."

"Very good presentation Provided new insight of evolving and current issues in health literacy. [I will] Take back strategies for success."

"This seminar was great, it has helped me to identify many changes I can make in my job as chronic disease management."

"Excellent examples of how health information can be misunderstood."

"Informative; very helpful in bedside nursing."


Community Interpreter Course Reviews

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

About the Community Interpreter Course Instructor: Hank Dallmann, MA, CMI, is an instructor at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Coordinator of the New Brunswick Community Interpreter Project. He is an interpreter educator and has taught Community Interpreting and Medical Terminology to undergraduate students, graduate students, bilingual staff and professional interpreters. He has over 11 years of experience in medical interpreting.

See what our clients are saying about the Community Interpreter course and Instructor Hank Dallmann!

  • "He was very patient and made the course interesting."
  • "Brought a lot of extra resources to the class."
  • "Very enthusiastic and committed to his job."
  • "Very friendly, welcomes all questions and discussions."
  • "Hank is very professional and makes sure all have an understanding of material covered."
  • "Excellent instructor who is culturally aware and sensitive. Approachable, dedicated, experienced."
  • "Very professional and responsible."


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