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Rutgers' Wildly Interesting Courses, Instructors & Students

Meet the wildly interesting men and women involved with Rutgers continuing education courses.

Preventing Petroleum Pollution in NJ Preventing Petroleum Pollution in NJ
Rutgers and the NJDEP Team Up to Train Over 2,000 on Proper Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operations.
Meet the Godfather of Radon, Instructor for Rutgers ERRTC Meet the Godfather of Radon
Rutgers instructor BIll Brodhead fights an invisible killer around the world (Guam, Japan and more!) one radon mitigation system at a time.
Dr. Brian Schilling, Farmland Preservation Conference The (Environmental) Science of Investigation:
Interactive Forensics Training Helps Professionals Solve Environmental Contamination Cases

Learn the science behind environmental forensics from top notch Instructors equipped with both research and practical experience.
Sewer Inspection Training Video Sewer Inspections: Shedding Some Light On The Undergound World of Sanitary Sewers
With our aging infrastructure, this two-day course is an essential opportunity to gain expertise from our instructor, the “go to” guy Jim McGregor, for sewer inspections.
Dr. Brian Schilling, Farmland Preservation Conference National Farmland Preservation Conference Hosts 125 Participants from 18 States
Saving America's Farms and Farmland, a two-day national conference in Hershey, PA, gave farmland preservation practitioners the opportunity to share information, experiences, successes, and challenges.
Concrete Pavers How to Lay a Concrete Paver Patio or Walkway: Tips from Instructor Alex Burke
Concrete Pavers course instructor Alex Burke offers tips and guidelines for the successful installation of concrete pavers, from pricing to base prep and beyond.
Wetland Construction 7 Fundamental Steps for Wetland Construction Success
These steps, which will greatly improve the probability of your wetland construction project's success, are covered in detail in our wetland construction courses.
Home Gardeners School The Science Behind Gardening
Hear from instructors and attendees about what makes Rutgers Home Gardeners School so special and get tips for gardening success in this 2-minute video.
HEC-RAS Training Course HEC-RAS: The Mysteries of This Powerful But Complex Software Program Will Be Unraveled for Students at Three-Day Hands-On Workshop
Top-rated instructor, Joe Skupien, will train engineers, designers, floodplain managers and municipal professionals to effectively use HEC-RAS software.
Rutgers Tree Pruning Instructor Steve Chisholm shows students proper pruning steps from - where else - a tree! Pruning With a Purpose: Learning Tree Care at Rutgers in 2012/2013
Top rated instructors teach the science and skill behind tree pruning -- just one of 6 tree care courses & over 60 landscape short courses being offered this winter.
Photo of a fallen tree limb laying on a car after the October 2011 snowstorm. Photo courtesy of Cranford Chronicle, taken by Glenn Eisenberg

Devastating Weather Unearths the Dangers of Hazardous Trees
Licensed Tree Experts Steve Chisholm and Ted Szczawinski help arborists, shade tree commission volunteers and other tree professionals identify hazardous trees and prevent dangerous problems caused by severe weather.

Photo of Mark Chisholm

Tree Climbing Champion with Rutgers Roots Comes Full Circle
Miss the Tree Climbing Days of Your Youth? Check out the adult version (it's way more thrilling than anything you did as a kid!) and meet our instructor and 3 time world championship tree climber, Mark Chisholm.

Pam Wardle, one of many aspiring beekeepers who attended the Rutgers "Bee-ginner's Beekeeping" class

Is That a Beekeeper in Your Backyard?
Meet New Jersey's budding beekeepers. And see how Rutgers graduates are making the news!

Rick Mikula, "the butterfly guy"

The 2 B’s of Gardening: Attracting Bees and Butterflies
Rick Mikula, who has given professional advice to both the TV show CSI: Las Vegas and Dolly Parton's Dollywood amusement park, teaches Rutgers short course on attracting bees and butterflies to gardens.

Ned Lipman, cranberry grower and teacher of cranberry history in NJ Cranberries in NJ: A Long and Rich History
History of NJ Cranberries and Harvest is just one of 35 workshops that is offered at Rutgers annual Home Gardeners School.