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Jon Bon Jovi Visits Rutgers/NJAES YES Center in Newark!

The White House Council for Community Solutions holds a “Youth Listening” session at Rutgers/NJAES YES Center in Newark.   

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Newark, NJ – Jon Bon Jovi and other members of the White House Council for Community Solutions (WHCCS) hosted the final “Youth Listening Tour” session on June 6, 2011 at Rutgers/NJAES Youth Education & Employment Success (YE2S ) Center in Newark to engage young Americans and community leaders in candid conversations and determine where efforts are most needed.

Currently, less than half of young Americans have the education, training and skills needed to compete in today’s workforce by the time they reach the age of 25.  In light on this disturbing fact, President Obama established the WHCCS in December of 2010 to bring all sectors together – individuals, business, community organizations, philanthropy and government – to identify solutions to pressing issues, such as helping young people succeed. 

The WHCCS “Youth Listening Tour” focused on local programs that are successfully helping disengaged youths, ages 16-24, find mentors, jobs and obtain high school diplomas. 

Council Member Jon Bon Jovi hosted these youth listening roundtables at various community-based organizations across the country, including sessions in New Orleans, Las Angeles, Atlanta, Houston and New York City.  Each event gave the WHCCS and other local outreach organizations the opportunity to sit and listen to the many challenges that plague the young people in their region. 

In Newark, the “Youth Listening” session was held at the YE2S Center (200 Washington Street) and included the youth served by the YE2S Center, Newark Now, HELP USA, La Casa de Don Pedro and Newark Works (City One-Stop).   

Rutgers TEEM Gateway is thankful for the opportunity to host this event and continue listening to the at-risk youth of Newark in such a unique and memorable atmosphere.  The YE2S Center and the kids learned a lot about each other and left feeling optimistic about the future. 

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