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Community Noise Enforcement Certification Course

Topics covered in the course include: fundamentals of sound; operation of sound level meters; sound measurement calculations; sound measurement reporting; performance and nuisance codes; model noise codes; development of a prima facie court case; courtroom tactics; management of agitated complainants; octave band analysis; highway noise barriers; physiology of hearing and hearing loss; the physiological, biochemical and psychological impacts of noise, etc. An optional section on occupational noise may be requested.

The course includes hands-on experience with several simulated enforcement actions. A written and practical exam insure the student's preparedness to take legally valid noise measurements.

It is our goal to make sure that every one of our students is comfortable with the technology, techniques and strategies of sound level measurement for enforcement purposes.

Who Should Take Our Course?

LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS Noise complaints are frequently filed with the police, and we will provide you with the training and certification you need to gain satisfactory resolution of complaints. You will be completely prepared for successful prosecution; however, we will also discuss techniques for resolving issues out of court.

HEALTH or CODE OFFICERS In some jurisdictions, complaints are investigated by the local health or code agency. Importantly, you will learn what not to say.

CONSULTANTS Generating facilities or impacted residents may require your services to investigate a problematic situation. You need to know the applicable laws and the techniques of sound level measurement. Certification will provide a valuable credential.

INDUSTRY You need to know what laws you are expected to comply with and exactly what procedures an enforcement officer must follow for a valid court case. It is a welcomed trend that the regulated community is now increasingly self-policing, in their desire to be good neighbors as well as to avoid the problems associated with noncompliance. This course will allow you to monitor your own compliance with the applicable noise codes.

CONCERNED CITIZENS If you are currently impacted by a noise source, or if one is about to be sited nearby, you need to know the law and its application. Please call for the tuition rates for people in this category.

We assume our students have no prior knowledge of noise measurement, but are serious in their desire to learn this powerful enforcement technology.