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Certified Recycling Professionals Can Earn
National Certification in Sustainable Resource Management

Certified Recycling Professionals (CRP's) now have the option of earning a national certification, Sustainable Resource Management Professional (SRMP), by completing new courses: "Recycling Health and Safety" and "Understanding Sustainability Management." Upcoming offerings of these courses are listed below.

OCPE worked with the Association of NJ Recyclers (ANJR) on the application and documentation required by the SRMP certification approval process. Coordinated by the National Recycling Coalition (and one of its predecessors, the Recycling Organizations of North America), information on course content, instructor qualifications, proficiency testing and/or projects and recertification processes and criteria were submitted for review. OCPE and ANJR were notified in late 2013 that the application had been accepted and that we could now offer the SRMP designation to our CRP's.

Already a CRP?
If you have already completed the CRP program (either through the full or "alternate" series) and are currently certified, you can earn the SRMP certification by completing "Recycling Health and Safety" and "Understanding Sustainability Management." Both programs offer CRP and Certified Public Works Manager (CPWM) recertification credits as well. Please note that earning this new certification is completely voluntary – you do not need to take the additional training to become an SRMP in order to retain your CRP. Also, aside from the cost of attending the two courses, there are no other fees to become an SRMP and the recertification process will remain unchanged.

In CRP Classes Now?
The two SRMP courses became part of the CRP program in 2013/2014. If you enrolled in the 2014-15 series (or future CRP series), you will receive the SRMP designation automatically when you complete the CRP program requirements.

Recycling Health and Safety (Half-Day Program – PM)
September 9, 2021; 12:30pm - 3:45pm

Workers involved in the recycling field face a variety of health and safety issues on a daily basis. This half-day course was developed to present information on these hazards and to outline the "good practices" that everyone should participate in to make the workplace safe. Specific topics include: hazards associated with recycling, regulatory requirements, worker safety and equipment (field and facility), equipment maintenance procedures/recordkeeping, emergency planning/plans (including hazardous wastes), and how to make a recycling facility the safest it can be (including public access and drop-off issues).

Understanding Sustainability Management (One-Day Program)
December 15, 2021; 8:30am - 3:45pm

This course was designed to help individuals better understand how economic activity – and the programmatic decisions it drives – affect the health of the environment and society as a whole. The course examines how and why natural resources are often undervalued or ignored completely by traditional accounting practices and economic data. It also will discuss why natural assets, such as clean air and water, tend to be abused precisely because they are the "common property" of society at large. Other topics will include: what is sustainability, global climate change, industrial ecology, and process improvement with the environment.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Carol Broccoli at 848-932-7207 or broccoli@njaes.rutgers.edu.