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Recycling Resource Video

Video: Watch this 60-second clip to see how local elected officials cast their votes to invest in recycling programs.

Recycling Resource PowerPoint Presentation

Build Support for Your Recycling Program: Bolster your efforts with talking points and visuals from this narrated PowerPoint.

PowerPoint File (PPT) | Slides (PDF) | Notes (PDF)
View Narrated Presentation (Link) | Download Narrated Presentation (MP4)
Handouts: 3 Per Page (PDF) | 6 Per Page (PDF)

Recycling Resource Checklist

Maximize Savings: Learn 6 ways to maximize recovery & savings with this checklist of program best practices.

Recycling Resource Page

Benchmarks to Monitor: Master the 4 basic calculations your program needs to measure success.

Recycling Resource Checklist

Multi-Family Building Cost-Savings: Learn the 3 C's to save costs in urban and suburban multi-family housing units.

Recycling Resource Checklist

Recycling Coordinator Job Duties: See sample duties that recycling coordinators should serve in their communities.

Recycling Resource Checklist

Affordable Promotional Quick Tips: Increase recycling participation with these 9 cost-effective educational and promotional tactics.

Recycling Resource Checklist

Recycling Links: Access additional information and ideas to improve your recycling program by visiting these helpful recycling links.

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