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Radon Measurement and Mitigation Certification Exam Information
National and New Jersey State Exam Instructions

The ERRTC at Rutgers does not administer certification exams. To register for a radon exam, please read the information below.

There are two national certifying boards: the National Radon Proficiency Program and the National Radon Safety Board. Both are equally respected though the industry. However, just as some states have state-specific certifications, some states do prefer one national certification above the other. Be sure to check with your state radon office for local certification requirements.  

To become nationally certified as either a radon measurement or mitigation service provider, you must attend an entry level course, pass a certification exam and complete an application and return it to one of the National Certifying Boards (NRPP or NRSB) .

Rutgers does not adminster the exams. The exams are administered by the NRPP through examity.com. Rutgers is not involved with the payment or registration process for these exams. If you have a question regarding NRPP exam registration, please contact the NRPP at nrpp.info.

New Jersey Certification Exams

If you want to register for the exam to become licensed for radon work in NJ, please visit this page: https://nrpp.info/new-jersey-licensure.

Scroll down to the section titled "Register for an Exam" and check all of the boxes. When the boxes are checked, the "Register" buttons will appear under the exam options.

NRPP National Certification Exams

If you want to register for the national NRPP certification exam, please visit this page: https://nrpp.info/nrpp-exams.

Under Step 1, check all of the boxes. When they are checked, the "Register Now" buttons will appear under Step 2.

NRSB National Certification Exams

Contact NRSB directly at 866-329-3474.

If you have any questions or need more information, the ERRTC is here to help! Feel free to call or email us any time for additional clarification regarding the examination process: 848-932-7250 or radon@njaes.rutgers.edu.