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Radon Resource Videos

The video below was created by AARST/NRPP to help raise awareness about the dangers of radon gas and the importance of mitigating radon in homes.

AARST - Radon Professionals Saving Lives

Convincing skeptical homeowners about the need for radon testing can be difficult. This video gives clear and simple explanations that radon professionals can use to educate customers about the dangers of radon and the need for testing.

Radon Professionals:
Radon Basics to Educate Customers on the Need for Home Testing

The videos below, which were made possible by the United States EPA and produced by Rutgers University, offer diagnostic and resolution tecnniques for common indoor air quality issues in schools. They intended for use by concerned faculty, staff, building and grounds crews and parents.

Part 1 - Tools for Schools:
Indoor Air Quality Walkthrough

Part 2 - Tools for Schools:
Indoor Air Quality Walkthrough