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Eastern Regional Radon Training Center

FREE Radon Testing & Training for PA Schools
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To fulfill a grant awarded by the state of Pennsylvania, The Eastern Regional Radon Training Center has teamed up with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to offer in-state school districts free radon testing and training.

All tests and training provided through this grant must be completed by June 30, 2016, so contact us today if you are interested. Contact Joe Canzano at jdc110@njaes.rutgers.edu or 848-932-7317.

Please note this is a limited time offer subject to available funds so inquire today!

Who Is Eligible to Participate:

All Pennsylvania School Districts including both private and public schools.

The training is open to as few or as many staff members as the school district wants. The primary audience being facilities maintenance directors and staff.

What Is Being Offered:

Free radon training for your staff, plus 6 radon testing kits deployed in your facility.

Paul Houle, PhD Physics, Professor Emeritus, and President of the National Radon Safety Board, will travel to your school in order to provide radon training to your staff and to deploy 6 radon measurement test kits in your building(s). All materials will be provided and each attendee will receive a certificate of completion.

In this one day program, Paul Houle will give your staff a basic understanding of radon. He will explain what is it and why it is dangerous. He will demonstrate the correct way to test your building for radon and then work with your staff to deploy radon test kits in 6 rooms. Once you receive the results of your radon test kits from the lab, Paul will provide a quality assurance analysis of those 6 test kits. He will help identify rooms with elevated radon levels and suggest mitigation techniques in case high levels are found.


FREE of Charge. The costs of this radon training and testing program is covered by a Pennsylvania state grant.


Your facility. Our radon expert will travel to your school to provide this training and testing program.


This one-day program can be provided on any weekday most convenient for your staff.
* Please note that all tests and training provided through this grant must be completed by June 30, 2016.


Radon is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless gas. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States, but dangerous levels can often be reduced with inexpensive solutions. This is an opportunity to test your school(s) for and train your staff about unsafe levels radon for FREE.

Take Advantage of this Grant-Funded Radon Testing & Training!

Call to Set Up Your Date Today!
Joe Canzano 848-932-7317