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NRPP Enhanced Certifications Available

October 2014

Starting on September 28, 2014, AARST-NRPP began to offer three Enhanced Certifications to the base certifications for NRPP Measurement and Mitigation Professionals.

These recognize specialty areas of advanced radon practice and offer radon professionals new certification opportunities.

AARST-NRPP Enhanced Certified Professionals will have additional credentials listed on the NRPP web site to identify specialty proficiency in the appropriate category.

Application for the following enhanced certifications are now available:

  1. An Enhanced AARST-NRPP Certification for Multifamily Measurement application will be available to anyone with a current NRPP based certification of either an NRPP Standard or NRPP Analytical Service Provider.

  2. An Enhanced AARST- NRPP Certification for Multifamily Mitigation application will be available for any currently certified NRPP professional with a base RMT certification.

  3. An Enhanced AARST- NRPP Certification for RRNC (Radon Resistant New Construction) application will be available for any currently certified NRPP professional.

Currently certified NRPP professionals may apply for any one or all of three enhanced certifications, which will help distinguish their special expertise for these specific areas of radon work. To earn an enhanced NRPP certification, you must take an advanced course in the appropriate category and pass the enhanced examination for each certification option. The exams will be proctored. They are open book exams and are between 2 to 3 hours long each. For the multi-family enhanced certifications, you must also show proof of insurance.

NOTE: Approved enhanced coursework counts toward NRPP Continuing Education credits.

Enhanced Certification Requirements

  • Current NRPP Measurement / Mitigation certification
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Completion of approved C.E. course
  • Successful completion/passage of Enhanced Exam (Exam fee: $55)
  • Submittal of a QA Plan will be required for MF Measurement and Mitigation (advisory templates will be provided)
  • Application and payment of fees for Enhanced Certification - Initial application and certification fee of $80 for two years (pro-rated to within 6 months of base certification term expiration date.)
  • Enhanced certification will run consistent with mitigation certification time period. Renewal will be $60 per two years.
  • Additional C.E. for these advanced courses may be required in future years.

Please contact info@nrpp.info if you have questions.

Check Local Regulations for Certification Requirements!
It is important that you check your state's local regulations for certification requirements. Some states accept national certification, while other states (like New Jersey) require state certifications. Be sure to contact your state radon office for local certification requirements.


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