Archived Courses

The courses listed below are not currently being offered by the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education. If you are interested in taking one or more of these programs, please contact us and let us know.

Au Pair Courses

We no longer offer courses for au pairs.

  • American English 101: Confident Conversation
  • American Food - Then and Now
  • Be an Original - Exploring Your Creativity
  • Essentials of Effective Leadership
  • Exploring the Geography and History of New York City
  • Let the Rutgers Gardens Teach and Inspire You!
  • Networking for Your Net Worth: Professional Branding and Interview Skills
  • Photography Basics: Using Your Smartphone Like a Pro
  • Polishing Your American English: Understanding Idioms and a Whole Lot More!
  • Prepare for the Next Step: Branding and Marketing Yourself
  • Selfies, Blogging, and Social Media: Learn the Skills to Help You Navigate a Digital World
  • Taking Care of YOU: Practical Tools for Prioritizing Your Own Health and Wellness as a Caretaker
  • Understanding Yourself: Practical Tools for Handling Difficult Situations

Beekeeping Courses

Click for a list of our current beekeeping courses.

  • Beyond the Basics: Practical Hive Management Tools for Beekeepers
  • Review of Basic Beekeeping

Clean Communities Courses

Click for a list of our current Clean Communities courses.

  • Clean Communities Best Practices Seminar
  • Clean Communities Clean & Green Workshop
  • Clean Communities Health and Safety Training
  • Clean Communities Litter Survey
  • Managing Your Clean Communities Program

Computer Skills Courses

We no longer offer computer courses for individuals. For information on computer training for groups, please click here.

Electrical and Mechanical Courses

Click for a list of our current electrical and mechanical courses.

Environmental Permitting & Management Courses

Click for a list of our current environmental courses.

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • Advanced Permitting Using Radius
  • Advanced Petroleum Forensics Geochemistry
  • Air Permitting Fundamentals using RADIUS
  • Alternate Fuel Refuse and Recycling Trucks
  • Basics of Environmental Science
  • Changing Face of Site Remediation: Public Notification and Outreach, The
  • Coastal Zone Management Rules
  • Combining Engineered Contaminant Source Area Treatment Technologies and MNA for Site Cleanup Under the LSRP Program
  • Communicating Conservation to Citizens
  • Complying with the NJ Pollution Prevention Act
  • Dam Design Rehabilitation
  • Data Interpretation, Visualization and Communication
  • Digital Signatures and Seals for Site Plans
  • Emerging Issues in Brownfields
  • Emission Statements Using RADIUS
  • Endangered & Threatened Species of Northern New Jersey
  • Endangered & Threatened Species North - Field Course
  • Endangered & Threatened Species of Southern New Jersey
  • Endangered & Threatened Species South - Field Course
  • Endangered & Threatened Species of New Jersey
  • Environmental Forensics (other options for Forensics training are available on our Environmental Forensics courses page)
  • Environmental Funding
  • Environmental Land Use Law
  • Environmental Law & Regulation (replaced by Environmental Law for Attorneys and LSRPs)
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • Forensic Geochemical Age Dating and Environmental Litigation
  • Forensic Geochemical and Geophysical Statistical Data Visualization
  • Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules
  • Fundamentals of NSR / PSD Permitting
  • Green Building Workshop
  • Groundwater Resource Management
  • Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act Rules
  • How to Deal with Flooded Buildings
  • Introduction to Radius
  • Introduction to Septic Systems (replaced by Septic System Inspections in New Jersey)
  • Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA)
  • Mastering RADIUS
  • Microbial Source Tracking
  • New Jersey's Annual Water Monitoring and Education Summit
  • NJ Clean Energy Conference
  • NJDEP Case Study Training for LSRPs (replaced by LSRP Case Study Training - The Next Generation)
  • NJDEP Environmental Quality Assurance Technical Guidance
  • NJDEP Vapor Intrusion Guidance
  • Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems
  • PAH Forensics Geochemistry
  • Practical Applications of the NJ Site Remediation Program
  • Rapid Design and Analysis of Groundwater Remediation Systems
  • Restoration of Native Meadows
  • Restoration of Native Woodlands
  • Review of Development Permits
  • Role of the Environmental Consultant in Litigation, The (replaced by The Role of LSRPs and Environmental Consultants in Litigation and Dispute Resolution)
  • Sewer Extensions - Treatment Works Approvals
  • Site Remediation Basics
  • Site Remediation Reform Act and LSRP Program
  • Site Remediation Reform Act: The Final Rule Package
  • Soil Erosion & Sediment Control
  • Stabilization & Restoration of Difficult Sites
  • Stormwater Management Rules and BMP Manual
  • Stormwater Permits
  • Stream Restoration
  • Streamside Living in Monmouth County
  • Study Design Hands-on Workshop
  • Subsurface Investigation - Near Surface
  • Understanding & Complying with the NJ Spill Compensation & Control Act
  • Vapor Intrusion in New Jersey - The New Technical Guidance Document
  • Vapor Intrusion under the LSRP Program
  • Volunteer Monitoring of Lakes & Ponds
  • Watershed Stewards Training Workshop
  • Working with Your LSRP

Equine & Animal Science / Farm Management

Click for a list of our current equine courses.

  • Advanced Equine Health Care & Management
  • Business Tools and Marketing Strategies for Beekeepers
  • Computer Spreadsheet Skills for Greenhouse and Nursery Farmers
  • Deer Management: Deer Population Control Strategies
  • Developing Future Leaders for the Equine Industry
  • English as a Second Language for New Jersey Farm Employees
  • Equine Forage Seminar and Summit
  • Feed and Ration Management Seminar: Managing Nutrient Loss in Horses by Modifying Intake of Nutrients in the Feed
  • Goose Management
  • Growing Your Business: Farmers' Marketing and Business Planning for Value-Add Agriculture
  • Horse Management Semester Course
  • Horse Management Seminar
  • Horses 2007 Educational Conference: Manage Your Horse / Manage Your Farm
  • Hydroponic Fruit and Vegetable Production: Practical Information for Novice Growers
  • Laboratory Animal Science: Management & Techniques

Food Science & Food Safety Courses

Click for a list of our current food science and food safety courses.

  • Aseptic Technology
  • Better Process Control School: Aseptic Only
  • Culinology™ 101 Part II: Food Safety, Packaging and Sensory Evaluation
  • Culinology™ 101 Part III: Basics of Food Processing & Food Systems
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices: Food Processing Basics
  • Food Engineering: Techniques, Principles & Approaches for the Non-Specialist
  • Food Handler's Workshop: Best Practices in Food Safety
  • Food Service Managers HACCP Training Course
  • Pluses and Minuses of Omega-3, The
  • School Food Service Managers Institute
  • ServSafe Manager Training Certification
  • ServSafe Safe Food Handling Training
  • Training for Emergency Preparedness: Program for Retail Food Eststablishment Management Teams
  • Using Kosher Food Production to Enhance Your Business


Click for a list of our current GIS/Geomatics courses.

  • 3D Analyst Extension
  • ArcGIS: Introduction to ArcView 8
  • AutoCad Intermediate
  • Cartography for GIS Users
  • Creating Metadata with ArcCatalog
  • Design & Implementation of GIS (Area D)
  • Design & Management of Spatial Databases
  • Desktop Mapping with ArcView 3.2
  • Fundamentals of GIS
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
  • GIS for Water and Wastewater Operations
  • GIS Programming I: VBA and ArcObjects
  • GPS Mapping & GIS Data Collection
  • i-MapNJ & OPRA Online Reports
  • Introduction to Database Design with Access
  • Introduction to Programming with Visual Basic
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing Preparatory
  • MAC URISA's Regional GIS Conference
  • Spatial Analyst Extension
  • Working with Geodatabases

Landscape, Grounds Management & Golf Turf

Click for a list of our current landscape courses.

  • 1/2 Day Aquatic Pesticide Recertification Seminar
  • 1/2 Day Forestry Pesticide Recertification Seminar
  • Abiotic Disorders in the Landscape
  • Advanced Chainsaw
  • Advanced Small Engine Repair
  • American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA): Tools of the Trade
  • Athletic Field Special Topics: Understanding Synthetic Fields
  • Basic Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety (replaced by Basic Chainsaw Safety)
  • Best 100 Landscape Plants
  • Better Grass for Less Money Seminar
  • Beyond the Basics of Landscape Design
  • Building Garden Spaces
  • Business Valuation: How Much is All Your Hard Work Worth? (Online Webinar)
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Certified Landscape Technician Exam Review Course
  • Design and Maintenance of Japanese Gardens
  • Electrical Systems in Small Engines
  • Electrical Troubleshooting for Small Engines
  • Estimating and Bidding Landscape Irrigation Systems
  • Fence Selection, Installation and Maintenance
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Garden Series: Evening in the Garden
  • Garden Series: Photographing Your Garden
  • Golf Course Maintenance for Spanish Speaking Employees
  • Greenhouse Cost Management
  • Greenhouse Design & Operation
  • Growing Your Landscape Business Through Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Garden Design
  • Introduction to Hydrostatic Drivelines
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Introduction to Small Engine Repair
  • Invasive Species Seminar: Diseases
  • Invasive Species Seminar: Insects
  • Irrigation Scheduling for Athletic Fields
  • Irrigation Systems: Principles of SMART Controller Programming
  • Irrigation Systems: Two-Wire Electrical Troubleshooting
  • It's Not the Economy - It's You!
  • Japanese Gardens within Cultural Context
  • Landscape Applications for the Golf Course for Spanish or English Speaking Employees
  • Marketing and Sales Strategies in the New World
  • Overcoming Tough Sites: Plant & Design Solutions
  • Pesticide Safety for the Landscape Contractor
  • Plant Appraisal and Valuation
  • Plant Health Care
  • Principles and Practice of Landscape Design
  • Reel Grinding & Maintenance
  • Repair & Maintenance of Golf Course Irrigation Systems
  • Richard Buckley's Best Pest Identification Tips...Ever (Online Webinar)
  • Risk Management: Myth, Reality and Reason (Online Webinar)
  • Sales, Marketing & Branding Techniques for the Success-Minded Landscape Professional
  • School IPM Coordinators Certification Seminar
  • Selecting Plants for Difficult Sites: Dry & Shady Sites
  • Selecting Plants for Difficult Sites: Wet & Clay Sites
  • Site Analysis and Design: A Hands-On Workshop
  • The Six Key Elements of Success for Landscape Contractors
  • Small Engine Repair: Advanced
  • Turfgrass Establishment
  • The Ultimate Landscaper Design/Build Sales Process
  • Urban Forestry
  • Water Gardens

Leadership, Management & Communications

Click for a list of our current leadership, management, and communications courses.

  • Advanced Grant Writing Skills - Build and Improve (content is now covered in Improving Your Grant Writing Skills)
  • Effective Business Writing Refresher
  • Ensuring Quality of Service - Be the Best You Can Be!
  • Learning to Lead: An Introduction to Management Skills
  • Public Information/Relations
  • Refresh Your Presentation Skills
  • Surviving Change at Work and at Home

Pest Management and Mosquito Courses

Click for a list of our current pest management courses.

  • Integrated Mosquito Management
  • Mosquito Biology & Control Workshop
  • Mosquito Habitat Recognition Workshop
  • Mosquito Identification, Biology, Ecology, Surveillance & Control
  • Mosquito Identification Workshop
  • Pest Management in Food Environments
  • Pest Mosquito Control Course - Category 8B
  • Pesticide Applicator Re-Certification Course
  • Resistance Management in Mosquito Control III
  • Resistance Management in Mosquito Control IV
  • Safe Pest Management Practices for Schools

Pet Care

We no longer offer pet care courses.

  • Case Studies in Canine Fear and Aggression
  • How to Speak Dog: Communicating More Effectively with Your Domesticated Dog
  • Pet Care School
  • Pet First Aid & CPR Certification
  • The Tail that Wagged the Dog: Canine Body Language

Public Health

Click for a list of our current public health courses.

  • Communicable Disease Outbreak Training for NJ Public Health Professionals
  • REHS Exam Review Course
  • Risk Communication and Ebola: Principles, Protocols and Problems

Radon & Indoor Air Quality

Click for a list of our current radon and indoor air quality courses.

Recycling & Solid Waste Management

Click for a list of our current recycling courses.

  • Multi-Family Recycling
  • On-Farm and Manure Composting School
  • Pay to Play and Ethics for Public Employees
  • Specification Writing for Solid Waste and Recycling Professionals
  • The Perception of Recycling: Why People Do/Don't Recycle

Safety Training

Click for a list of our current safety courses.

  • Hazard Communication
  • Introduction to Laboratory Safety
  • Lock-out/Tag-out Training
  • OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher
  • OSHA 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training
  • OSHA 24 Hour HAZWOPER Training
  • Safe Work Practices for Confined Space Entry

Special Programs & Conferences

Click for a list of our current special programs.

  • Bankruptcy Training
  • Bat Standards Compliant Training
  • Climate Change: An Inconvenient Truth Screening
  • CPA 7-D
  • Digital Field Photography
  • Grant Writing and Funding
  • Greenhouse Production Short Course (replaced by Greenhouse Crop Production)
  • Greening New Jersey Communities from the Ground Up
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • New Jersey Clean Energy Conference
  • Sustainable Raritan River Conference

Teacher & Educator Training

Click for a list of our current courses for teachers and educators.

  • Conserve Water Workshop For Educators of Grades 6-12
  • Healthy Water, Healthy People Workshop
  • Making the Watershed Connection: An Interactive Conference for NJ Educators
  • Watershed Educators Conference

Water & Wastewater Operations / Electical & Mechanical Courses

Click for a list of our current water and wastewater courses.

  • Advanced Water Operations (Parts 1 & 2)
  • Analysis of Corrosion Control Parameters
  • Analytical Techniques for Water & Wastewater Operations
  • ASSE Backflow/Cross Connection Recertification
  • ASSE Backflow Tester Certification Course (40 Hour)
  • Chemical Feed Systems for Water & Wastewater Operations
  • Chloramination Disinfection
  • Corrosion Control
  • Critical Sampling for Compliance
  • Drinking Water Treatment Technologies
  • Emerging Contaminants in Water and Wastewater
  • Fundamentals of Generators & Transformers
  • Hot Topics in Drinking Water and Wastewater
  • Identifying & Quantifying Extraneous Flows in Sanitary Sewers
  • Introduction to Backflow Prevention
  • Introduction to Hydraulics
  • Introduction to Odor Assessment and Control
  • Nutrient Analyses for Monitoring and Control
  • O & M and Issues in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • O & M of Wastewater Collection Systems
  • O & M of Water Distribution Systems
  • O & M of Water Treatment Filters
  • O & M of Wells and Water Treatment Plants
  • Operations Math: The Basics
  • Practical Methods in Drinking Water and Wastewater Analysis I
  • Practical Methods in Drinking Water and Wastewater Analysis II
  • Process Instrument Verification
  • Radium Removal from Drinking Water
  • Simplified Water Analysis Techniques
  • Sustainability for the Real World
  • Very Small Water System Operator Training
  • Wastewater Analysis Techniques
  • Water Sampling & Laboratory Procedures


Click for a list of our current wetland courses.

  • Advanced Wetland Delineation
  • Hydrology of Wetlands
  • Identification of Tidal Wetland Plants
  • Keying Out Wetland Plants
  • NJ's Regionalized Water Budget Manual: Requirements and Recommendations
  • NJ Wetlands Manual Training Workshop: Regionalized Water Budget Manual for Compensatory Wetland Mitigation Sites in New Jersey
  • Wetland Construction: Planning and Functional Design (replaced by Wetland Construction: Principles, Planning and Design)
  • Wetland Construction: Principles and Techniques (replaced by Wetland Construction: Principles, Planning and Design)
  • Wetlands Mitigation Monitoring