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Landscape Training Courses

Rutgers Professional Landscape Programs:
New Courses for 2016-17!

Diseases and Pests of Trees - November 3, 2016

Trees are often the most overlooked plants in our landscapes…until something happens. Many diseases and pests of trees can result in future problems unless they are addressed when first observed. In this course, you'll learn to identify the common and not-so-common diseases and pests of ornamental trees, conifers, and shade trees, and discuss options for prevention and treatment. You'll also review basic tree biology and best management practices that will help to prevent potential problems.

Shop Repairs for Small Engines - 2 Offerings: January 25, 2017 or January 26, 2017

Some repairs can't be done in the field. In this one-day, hands-on class, instructor Joe Clark will show you how to handle some basic shop repairs. He'll teach you how to debug common problems, and then you'll rotate in groups to different "bugged" engines and try to diagnose and repair them. Class size is limited, so register now!

Irrigation Scheduling for Athletic Fields - February 27, 2017

Eliminate water waste, reduce costs and maximize the watering benefits for the athletic and sports fields you manage! In this course, you'll learn how much how much water your sprinkler system applies each hour of operation, why some zones apply water at different rates, how much water you should apply and how frequently you should irrigate your fields. You'll also hear about new technologies that can aid you in the management and operation of your athletic field irrigation systems.

Estimating and Bidding Landscape Irrigation Systems - March 2, 2017

Get the knowledge and practice you need to create realistic and profitable estimates to help you succeed in the competitive landscape irrigation market! In this course, instructor Bob Dobson will share the pros and cons of the most common methods of estimating landscape irrigation systems. You'll learn how to accurately estimate your costs and how to create an estimate. Through interactive class discussions and a hands-on exercise, you'll finish the day preparing a sealed bid for an irrigation system for a small commercial property.

Greenhouse Crop Production for Beginning Farmers - March 6-7, 2017

Start your own greenhouse farm! People consider starting a farm for a variety of reasons. Some see it as a viable way to make a living and provide for their families, while others want to pursue it after retirement. While operating a greenhouse is more expensive than field agriculture, it provides a way to grow year-round, and thus greenhouses have the potential to provide a more steady income. By protecting a crop from most weather conditions, higher yields are feasible - but managing the production system and its environment requires extensive knowledge and constant attention to detail. This two-day short course is designed to introduce beginning farmers to greenhouse crop production. Participants will receive classroom instruction from experts and will board a bus on the second day to visit several greenhouse operations around New Jersey.




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