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21 C.F.R. PART 123 —


[Code of Federal Regulations] [Title 21, Volume 2] [Revised as of April 1, 2003]
From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access
[CITE: 21CFR123.3] [Page 270-271]

This material is from the FSIS/USDA website located here.

Our HACCP Plan Development for Food Processors course meets the educational requirements set out in the
FSIS/USDA regulation requiring HACCP for seafood (21CFR123).

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§ 123.3


§ 123.5

Current good manufacturing practice

§ 123.6

Hazard analysis and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan

§ 123.7

Corrective actions

§ 123.8


§ 123.9


§ 123.10


§ 123.11

Sanitation control procedures

§ 123.12

Special requirements for imported products

§ 123.15


§ 123.16

Process controls

§ 123.20


§ 123.28

Source controls

Sec. 123.10 Training.

At a minimum, the following functions shall be performed by an individual who has successfully completed training in the application of HACCP principles to fish and fishery product processing at least equivalent to that received under standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or who is otherwise qualified through job experience to perform these functions. Job experience will qualify an individual to perform these functions if it has provided knowledge at least equivalent to that provided through the standardized curriculum.

(a) Developing a HACCP plan, which could include adapting a model or generic-type HACCP plan, that is appropriate for a specific processor, in order to meet the requirements of Sec. 123.6(b);

(b) Reassessing and modifying the HACCP plan in accordance with the corrective action procedures specified in Sec. 123.7(c)(5), the HACCP plan in accordance with the verification activities specified in Sec. 123.8(a)(1), and the hazard analysis in accordance with the verification activities specified in Sec. 123.8(c); and

(c) Performing the record review required by Sec. 123.8(a)(3); The trained individual need not be an employee of the processor.