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Environment & Public Health - Student Comments About EPH

These comments reflect the high level of satisfaction EPH students have expressed about the course over the past several years:

Environment and Public Health Course Content

  • All of the courses taught the practical aspects of being an REHS.
  • Content was extensive; very well put together.
  • The information we discussed gave us a good foundation for the weeks ahead.
  • It's very interesting to be able to apply the things learned in previous weeks (like microbiology) to things we are learning now, like food safety.
  • Everything was explained well; very little confusion.
  • A great volume of information; relevant and useful.
  • I've learned a vast amount [about] environmental public health issues. Can't wait to put it into practice!
  • I'm anxious to apply what I learned in the course to the field.
  • Food safety was on point.

Environment and Public Health Course Field Trips

  • The information is all good, but the best part is the practical field trips because the students can see exactly what was taught in class.
  • [The field trip] put everything together. So much easier to understand what we've been talking about when you can actually see it.
  • I loved the field trip to the sewage treatment plant.

Environment and Public Health Course Instructors

  • Completely satisfied considering we're learning something new each day, all the professors have done an outstanding job with teaching us the basic concepts to complicated topics.
  • The topics were also very diverse and included a number of respected professionals in their field. Having a wealth of speakers stimulated us in a variety of professions!
  • Speakers have experience and genuine interest in their subjects and are passionate; that generated my interest.
  • Learned so much from the instructors' field experiences.
  • High quality instructors and good preparation for the field.
  • Great diversity of speakers.

Environment and Public Health Administrative Staff

  • You guys are diligent and caring.
  • All staff members have been informative and helpful.
  • It was excellent and your team really listens to student comments.
  • Staff is very fostering and caring.

Overall Experience in the Environment and Public Health Program

  • EPH was honestly the best decision I have made in my undergraduate career. It has really set me in the right direction as far as pursuing the field of Public Health.
  • I thought this class was excellent.
  • I'm really thrilled with this class. It's hard, but it's interesting, almost all the professors are top notch.
  • It has been a great experience with the staff, speakers, and students. Thank you!
  • I am thoroughly enjoying the course. It is better than I expected and has even gotten me more enthusiastic to get into the field.
  • I'm ecstatic to be here.
  • I realized my money and time investment was wisely done.

EPH 2022

» Next Offering:
Summer 2022, exact dates TBD

» Internship:
200 hour internship at a local health department