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Environment & Public Health - Advice from Past Graduates

What is it really like to take EPH? What will you get out of it? How should you prepare?
Check out this advice, some helpful tips and insights from past graduates!

You learn a lot in a short period of time. Make good contacts with professionals in their field of study.

Be prepared mentally. The course is time consuming and demanding.

Prepare for information overload!

Send in your transcripts way in advance.

Do some preparatory reading before course begins (especially microbiology).

It is nearly impossible to work full-time and pass this course. If possible, save money and work part-time simultaneously.

Attend classes every day so that you can get all the information.

Form study groups!

EPH 2010 students
EPH students relax on a break from class.

EPH 2022

» Next Offering:
Summer 2022, exact dates TBD

» Internship:
200 hour internship at a local health department