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Environment & Public Health: REHS Resources

N.J.A.C. Title 8: Current Regulations and Codes

Within New Jersey, Governmental Public Health enforces Title 8 of the NJ Administrative Code. As an REHS, you may be responsible for enforcing one or more of the Chapters within Title 8; download a free, current PDF copy of the regulations you frequently enforce today by clicking on the chapters below [courtesy of Rutgers, Office of Continuing Professional Education].

NOTE: These are large files and may take a few minutes to download. Please be patient.

Chapter 6: Smoke-free Air

Chapter 7: Licensure of Persons for Public Health Positions

Chapter 13: Shellfish

Chapter 21: Food and Drugs

Chapter 22: Public Campgrounds

Chapter 23: Importation of dogs, reporting of rabies in animals, control of avian chlamydiosis, turtles and turtle egg sales, and transportation by animal control

Chapter 23A: Animal facility operation, animal control officer and animal cruelty investigator certification, pilot spaying clinic fees, and rabies inoculation

Chapter 24: Sanitation in retail food establishments and food and beverage vending machines

Chapter 25: New Jersey youth camp safety standards

Chapter 26: Public Recreational Bathing

Chapter 27: Body Art Facilities

Chapter 28: Tanning Facilities

Chapter 44: Section IV of the State Sanitary Code

Chapter 51: Childhood Lead Poisoning (State Sanitary Code XIII)

Chapter 51A: Screening of Children for Lead Poisoning

Chapter 52: Public health practice standards of performance for local boards of health in New Jersey

Chapter 56: Health care facility infection reporting

Chapter 57: Communicable Diseases

Chapter 58: Reportable occupational and environmental diseases, injuries, and poisonings

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