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Already enrolled in a Masters or MPH degree program?

The Rutgers EPH class can still help you achieve your goals. EPH gives you:

• The equivalent of more than 6 semester classes of environmental health.

• Practical, hands-on field work experience – a must for your resume!

• Preparation to earn your REHS license, an invaluable professional credential.

• All of this in just 1 summer!

Public Health Job Options:
MPH / Master’s Degree NOT Required!

Although some positions in public health require a PhD, a master’s of science (MS) degree or a master’s of public health (MPH) degree, there is an exciting, wide-open and growing area that you can get into NOW after just completing your bachelor’s degree: environmental health.

Become an REHS

Registered Environmental Health Specialists, or REHSs, are the chief science officers of their health department or company. In most states, the only college-level education required to become an REHS is a bachelor’s degree. Many REHS’s go on to enroll in graduate school and earn a Masters of Public Health (MPH), particularly if they wish to move up to a Health Officer position.

REHS Education Requirements

Although a bachelor of science (BS) degree is ideal, a bachelor of arts (BA) degree is perfectly acceptable as long as you have completed a minimum number of undergraduate science credits during your college career – in NJ, that number is 32 credits. Many states have similar requirements, often 30 credits or more. Graduate level science courses are also accepted.

REHS Training Requirements

In addition to a bachelor’s degree and 32 science credits, you need to complete hands-on training learning specific skills and environmental health topics at a health department.  Once these requirements have been met, you are eligible to sit for the exam to become a NJ licensed REHS.  Upon passing the exam, you will become a licensed NJ REHS.

The Rutgers EPH program provides intensive classroom lessons on all the topics you need to know to prepare for the REHS licensing exam. Rutgers also places you in an internship with a local health department to complete the hands-on field training portion of your requirements.

EPH 2022

» Next Offering:
Summer 2022, exact dates TBD

» Internship:
200 hour internship at a local health department