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Environment & Public Health - How Students Grade the Instructors

The EPH program brings together a highly qualified team of instructors with a broad range of professional experience in the environmental and public health sectors. Our goal is to create a dynamic learning experience, in which classroom lessons are linked to practical skills that will serve you well in your internship and beyond. We work to achieve this goal by selecting knowledgeable instructors and incorporating interactive learning experiences, such as field trips and demonstrations, into the course. Browse the information below for feedback from our students on just a few of their favorite EPH instructors.

Favorite Instructors
Learn about the top-notch instructors who inspire and motivate EPH students.

Student Comments About EPH Instructors

These comments, spanning several years of course evaluations, represent student praise of only a handful of the dozens of instructors involved in EPH.

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Instructor Name: Vince Agovino
Topic: Soils

  • Good speaker and able to communicate material well.
  • The pit work was useful and helpful.
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  • Vinny Rules!
  • A lot of good information.
  • Extremely knowledgeable.
  • Groundwater lecture very clear and helpful.

Instructor Name: Calliope Alexander
Topic: Shellfish/Seafood Safety

  • Excellent -- nothing to improve.
  • Very good presentation -- wouldn't change a thing.
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  • I loved her energy.
  • Very good -- jeopardy was fun.
  • Super at lecturing; engaging.
  • We love Callie!!

Instructor Name: Scott Crans
Topic: Mosquitoes

  • [He] really knows in practice what he's doing. I think the subject matter is of great importance, everybody can relate to and interesting.
  • He shared with us good information about mosquito habitat and life cycles.
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  • Awesome. Knows his stuff.

Instructor Name: Mark Gallagher
Topic: Nuisance Plants

  • It was wonderful how Mark was able to lecture on various plants and then show us (right outside the classroom) for first hand identification of the plants!
  • Really enjoyed his lecture and learned a lot. Seeing the plants in person helped too.
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  • I liked that he showed us some of the local plants outside the Holly House to help differentiate among some of the similar plants that were part of the lecture.

Instructor Name: Rob Genetelli
Topic: Water/Wastewater

  • Rob is an excellent speaker, whose passion and commitment to his work is admirable! I like the fact that he regularly illustrates things on chalkboard and white board to clarify topics. I also appreciate his energy and his constant movement, which helps with 3-hour sessions.
  • I really enjoy Mr. Genetelli's teaching. He seems fun and is very enthusiastic about his work, he explains material quite well.
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  • I've never met someone so passionate about water and human waste.
  • My favorite of all the sessions. Information is to the point and very useful in understanding how we see drinking water and wastewater cleansing and distribution.
  • Rob is a dynamic speaker. I especially love the many stories he includes to help us understand the science behind waste water.
  • His straight-forwardness helps a lot when understanding wastewater treatment.
  • A+ for the instructor and his teaching

Wastewater Treatment Plant Field Trip

  • He explains the material that's written in several slides in a concise way that makes it easy to understand. The tour of the wastewater treatment plant was very insightful and provided a visual picture of what was taught in class. The tour should be included for future EPH classes. His employees were also very helpful when we asked questions.
  • Loved the trip to the treatment plant because it gave a visual to what we spoke about in class the weeks prior.... And it didn't smell too bad!
  • Thanks for tour of facility. Mr. Genetelli and his staff have a lot of pride for the facility and that is a good lesson beyond public health. A great lesson on wastewater treatment plants.
  • The visit to the treatment plant was fantastic! I loved the ability to see all the things we learned in class. Also, we did an impromptu exercise in class where we asked him questions as if we were responding to an odor complaint at his plant. These hands-on experiences are definitely the most useful!

Instructor Name: Rob Iler
Topic: Food Inspection Exercise/Report Writing

  • This was such an important exercise. I loved working with our small group to figure out which violation it would be and his friendly and knowledgeable way of instructing us. Though it may be painstaking to go slowly over the checklist, I think it's extremely valuable!
  • Very helpful with how to write a report and clarified some of the questions that arose during the exercise.
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  • Knowledgeable. Great practical advice.
  • Rob gave us some great tips for when we do inspections.

Instructor Name: Bill Jamison
Topic: Risk Communication

  • This subject was very practical! He gave us very good examples of what to say and what not to say during town hall meetings and intense questioning from the public.
  • Dynamic. Thank you for this lecture. Sense of humor is awesome. After a long, difficult week, laughing and learning is awesome.
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  • Love. Love. Love. I would honestly love to have him coach me for public speaking.
  • The best session yet! He is an outstanding presenter.
  • Bill was great! Interactive and enthusiastic.
  • Funny and entertaining.
  • He was great; very enthusiastic.

Instructor Name: Ned Lipman
Topic: Management Styles

  • Really interesting.
  • This topic is important to the field.
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  • Great tool.
  • Loved the activity.

Instructor Name: Michelle Malavet
Topic: Food Outbreak Investigations

  • Awesome speaker.
  • Had a real passion for the topic.
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  • Very energetic.
  • Great animated speaker.
  • Would have loved to have her speak more.

Instructor Name: Bill Manley
Topic: Food Sanitation Investigation / Report Writing

  • Bill is probably the most engaging speaker by far! He is VERY passionate about food borne illnesses! His slides are concise and summarize complex diseases and he inspires us to tackle this issue humbly and respectfully. I have to admit that prior to his lectures, I wasn't that interested in food establishment inspections. But he made us see the full picture and how local health dept inspectors play such a vital role in public health. He really inspired me and now I am very excited about tackling food borne illnesses. His props are exciting, his presentation style is engaging and he is incredibly intelligent and friendly!
  • I liked Bill Manley's approach to bridging the science and practicality of inspections.
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  • Awesome. Dynamic. Good, sound, practical advice. I want to work on his team. Please don't tell my boss I said that. ;)
  • Bill is an excellent instructor. He is awesome! I found all of his classes interesting and useful.

Instructor Name: Karl Matthews
Topic: Public Health Microbiology

  • Dr. Matthews is a wonderful lecturer. I love his speed of speaking, he makes sure to emphasize important points. He makes people appreciate his topics, even though the subject may be difficult.
  • Dr. Matthews is, by far, my favorite lecturer. He is thorough, he repeats important concepts, and speaks slowly and deliberately. I especially loved the section when he showed photos from around the world to emphasize how different cultures are and their eating practices.
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  • Good guy, easy going, knows his stuff.
  • Great, great professor. He's funny and keeps me engaged in a topic that I really had no interest in to begin with.
  • He is excellent, best professor so far.
  • His twisted sense of humor is absolutely hilarious.
  • I have truly grown to love and appreciate Dr. Matthews' teaching style. His material is extremely intriguing. Not to mention his stories are a great aid to the lecture. Love him!
  • My favorite part of the course. Very interesting.
  • I like how all of his stories relate back to the material he is teaching. Also, I enjoy that he employs examples of outbreaks (using news articles and research articles) to familiarize the audience with the organisms he is covering.
  • I enjoyed Dr. Matthews' lectures. He was able to explain complicated material and make it understandable. Take the leap and try the scorpion!
  • Brings really good supplemental materials, pictures, and articles to lecture.

Instructor Name: Joe Mikulka
Topic: Environmental Enforcement / Water Pollution

  • I love Joe. Such a nice guy, very respectable, and just wants everyone to learn.
  • Made it very easy to understand the material.
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  • Clear and precise. A pleasure to listen to.
  • Amazing. Tells you what you need to know without rambling for years on end.
  • Excellent. Succinct and knowledgeable. Great lecturer.
  • Great information for future use, looking forward for more.
  • Joe knows about so many different topics! Solid and hazardous waste was informative and interesting as this is a public health concern that affects us daily.

Instructor Name: Tony Monaco
Topic: Body Art / Medical Waste / Infection Control

  • Very knowledgeable on the subject matter and good graphics.
  • As good as it gets.
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  • Videos were great!
  • Great.

Instructor Name: Peter Tabbot
Topic: Epidemiology

  • Peter Tabbot was an excellent faculty coordinator. I believe that he is also an awesome instructor. His questions on the tests were fair. Also, I appreciate the fact that he took time out of his class to go over the exams.
  • Extremely knowledgeable in all topics he has taught. Always helpful.
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  • I love the problem he works through with the class. It makes it easier to understand.
  • Peter is great and I admire his many years of experience.
  • Patient, knowledgeable.
  • Speaking about different study types and ways to calculate risk ratios and odds ratio were especially practical.
  • Peter is a great instructor and very knowledgeable about his material.
  • Peter is very passionate about public health and it easily comes through.
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience.

Instructor Name: Changlu Wang
Topic: Pest ID and Control

  • Excellent. Knowledgeable, informative. And Mr. Wang brought in specimens which was really cool.
  • Very nice and helpful. Took his time through a lot of info and I think that helped a lot of people.
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  • He knows a lot and explained things thoroughly.
  • I love how he brought live specimen into the class!

Instructor Name: Eric Zwerling
Topic: Noise Pollution

  • Eric is a humorous and intelligent speaker! The most valuable thing I received from his lecture was how prevalent and applicable noise pollution is to all of us. He illustrated the many health impacts of noise pollution and why we should care about this subject.
  • Made the topic fascinating. I’m serious. Great.
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  • Great speaker! Knows how to teach the topic.
  • Has lots of energy and is interesting.
  • Enjoyable lecture. I wish we had more time.

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