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Environment & Public Health: Applying for the REHS Exam

To be admitted to take the REHS exam, you have to submit an application package* to the NJDHSS that includes:

  • Your completed application form [Request an Exam Application]
  • Original documentation of your training, education, and experience [no photocopies]
  • An official sealed copy of your undergraduate transcript [student copies are NOT acceptable]
  • Official course catalog descriptions of the courses that qualify you to take the exam
  • Non-refundable application fee of $50 [check or money order, payable to "Treasurer, State of New Jersey"]

*Note: Our office assists EPH graduates with the REHS exam application process for the November exam.

Make sure your application package is complete before you mail it; NJDHSS rejects incomplete applications, and the $40 application fee is non-refundable!

The exam is offered 2 times a year (May and November) through the NJDHSS [upcoming dates are available at]. The application deadline for each exam is typically 8 weeks before the exam date.

If your application to take the REHS licensing exam is approved, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the NJDHSS 2-3 weeks before the exam date. You will be required to submit a $100 examination fee to take the exam. Your letter of acceptance will include the time and location of the exam [typically, the exam is held at the Middlesex County Fire Academy in Sayreville, New Jersey].

2018 Dates

NOTE: EPH 2018 is sold out! We are now accepting applications for the waitlist and reviewing new transcripts for the 2019 class.

» In the Classroom:
June 4 - July 20, 2018

» In the Field:
200 hour internship at a local health department