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Staff Development Day Programs

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Planning a staff development day for your team can be a great way to increase your employees' professional competencies and boost engagement. We have helped numerous organizations in a variety of industries plan and execute highly successful professional development days for their staff. These days have led to positive and productive outcomes for both individual team members and entire organizations.

  • Are you just beginning to think about how to structure a staff development day that will have the maximum beneficial impact for your organization?
  • Do you just need a bit of assistance finalizing a few key details?
  • Are you somewhere in between?

We're here to help! We can offer expert speakers, planning/coordination services, and media services for your staff development day.

Drawing upon our expertise in employee development and corporate training, we can work with you to design an event that will achieve programmatic goals while providing an interactive, engaging experience for your team. Plus, we can incorporate the services of Rutgers OCPE's Event Planning and Media departments to provide additional options to enhance your event!

Working with us for all of your staff development program needs will eliminate the hassle of corresponding with various contacts over different aspects of the day. Let us handle all of the details, so you can relax and enjoy this opportunity to participate in a learning and team building experience with your employees.

Ready to get started? Contact Sharon Gutterman at 848-932-7701 or gutterman@njaes.rutgers.edu.

Expert Staff Development Day Speakers and Instructors

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The most important aspects of any staff development day program are (1) defining and achieving targeted learning outcomes for your staff; and (2) getting a dynamic, charismatic, and effective presenter to bring the program content to life. The Rutgers OCPE Workforce Development Unit can help you with both!

We will connect you to our extensive arsenal of high-quality, engaging speakers who will take the time to understand your audience's needs so that they can deliver customized programs that will wow your team.

Read more about our network of highly rated speakers.

Are you looking for a keynote speaker to address your entire group and set the tone for the day? Do you need multiple instructors to teach breakout sessions for various teams within your organization? Either way, we will find the right speaker for your event and facilitate planning discussions to ensure that the message is delivered on point and in a manner that reflects your organizational needs and culture. Our instructors can customize the length of their presentations to fit your agenda. In addition, they will tailor their presentations based on the audience at your staff development day event.

Take the first step toward finding and booking an instructor from the Rutgers Workforce Development Unit for your upcoming staff training event. You can browse a partial list of training topics or watch video previews of a few of our engaging corporate trainers in action from the comfort of your desk. However, please be aware that this is just a small sampling of what we can offer!

The best way to learn how we can meet your needs when it comes to staff development day speakers and instructors is to contact Sharon Gutterman at 848-932-7701 or gutterman@njaes.rutgers.edu for a personalized consultation.

Staff Development Day Planning and Coordination Services

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Let us help you plan and execute your staff development day from start to finish! Our experienced event planners can provide a variety of services to facilitate all aspects of your professional gathering. We know that every event is unique and pride ourselves on having the flexibility and expertise to be quick, responsive, organized, and helpful in whatever capacity you need us.

View our full list of staff development day event planning and coordination services.

The list below represents a few of the ways we would be happy to assist you when it comes to planning, coordinating, and executing a staff development day for your team:

  • On-Site / Day-of Coordination and Logistics Management - When you give our team the opportunity to handle all of the logistical and organizational details involved in executing your event, you will be free to network, socialize, participate in the workshops and training sessions, and spend time connecting with your colleagues. We are equipped to facilitate all aspects of your professional gathering so that the day runs smoothly and is a productive, worthwhile experience for all in attendance.
  • Registration Services - If you are inviting a large group to your staff development day, you may want to consider utilizing our registration services to keep track of important details such as who is planning to attend, which workshops they want to participate in, and what type of meal they would like. Our team has the tools, systems, processes, and expertise needed to handle all of your event registration needs! We can provide pre- and on-site registration services that are available online, over the phone, or in person. We can also handle the production of name badges, rosters, and certificates. In addition, on the day of your event, our friendly team can greet and check in attendees and distribute materials.
  • Scouting and Identification of Event Venues - Getting your employees out of their everyday work environment is a great way to shake up everyone's normal routine and generate engagement for your staff development day. In addition, if your staff members work remotely or your organization has multiple locations, you'll need to find a central location where everyone can meet. Our team will help you find a venue that provides the perfect setting for your staff development day! We can also help negotiate the best pricing for your event.
  • Food and Beverage Planning - No one does their best learning on an empty stomach! As much as a staff development day is about learning and growing professionally, it's also a social event that should be an enjoyable day for everyone. Good food can help make that happen! Plus, sometimes the casual conversations that start during lunch or a coffee break can lead to big ideas and valuable outcomes for an organization. Let us take care of the food and beverage needs for your staff development day. We'll make sure your team is well fed, so they can focus their energies on getting the most out of the learning opportunities you are providing to them.
  • Needs Assessments for Program Development - When it comes to developing an agenda for your staff development day, have you considered asking your employees for their input? Through a survey of your team, you can gain insights into your employees' current professional development needs and areas of concern. We can help you develop a survey that asks the right questions in order to gain helpful insights, and then work with you to create an agenda for your staff development day in response to the survey results.
  • Marketing Services - Do you need help spreading the word about your staff development day? Our Marketing Team can create a customized webpage, flyer, or email campaign to promote your event and encourage employees to attend.
  • Organization and Assembly of Participant Materials - Will you be distributing copies of presentations, worksheets, or other materials at your staff development day program? We can take this task off your plate! Let us handle the photocopying, collating, organization, and assembly of all materials.
  • AV Equipment and Support - No one wants to experience AV glitches at their event. From assessing your AV equipment needs to providing on-site AV support, we'll make sure that all laptops, projectors, microphones, presentation remotes, and more are in place and fully functional. Don't have your own AV equipment? No problem - you can use ours!
  • Transportation Management and Hotel Room Block Management - Will you have team members traveling from out of the area to attend your staff development day program? Are you organizing a multi-day event that will require attendees to stay overnight? If the answer is yes, coordinating transportation and accommodation arrangements will need to be part of your event planning process. We're happy to take this logistical task off of your plate, so you can focus on the content of the program.
  • Preparation of Employee Gifts and Awards - Show your employees how much you appreciate their efforts by using your staff development day as an occasion to distribute gifts or present awards! We'll make sure your these items reflect your brand and take care of the details behind preparing them. Just leave it to us!
  • Event Evaluation Survey Development, Management, Analysis, and Reporting - Find out what worked, what didn't, and what was missing from your staff development day by surveying those in attendance. The survey results can be used to inform the planning process for future staff training initiatives. With our help, you can be sure that the survey will be designed to gather actionable insights that will be valuable for your organization. We can also provide reports and analysis on the survey results.

To learn more about how we can help plan a staff development day for your organization, please contact Sharon Gutterman at
848-932-7701 or gutterman@njaes.rutgers.edu. We offer free consultations to potential clients - let us show you what we can do!

Media Services for Staff Development Day Programs

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Capturing your staff development day with photos or videos is a great way to preserve and extend the positive impacts of the day — and to share them with the people who matter:

  • Current and potential clients will appreciate this evidence of your commitment to upgrading the skills and competencies of your team.
  • Prospective employees you are recruiting will see that your organization invests in its people with professional development and team building activities.
  • Existing employees will be reminded of a day that was designed for them, improving their engagement and enthusiasm.

Plus, these multimedia files make great visual content for your organization's website, social media sites, blog, and corporate reports!

View our full list of staff development day media services.
  • Professional Headshots - Give your employees the opportunity to get a professional headshot taken during staff development day! These headshots can be used on LinkedIn profiles, business cards, the staff page on your company website, and more. Our photography team will bring lighting equipment and a backdrop to your event, and then professionally edit all of the image files for optimum quality. Each member of your team will receive a polished headshot they will feel confident about using and sharing.
  • Group Photos - A staff development day is the perfect opportunity to take professional group photos! With everyone in your organization gathered together, you can take photos of your whole team to use on your website, social media accounts, printed materials, and more. Whether your group is big or small and whether you're looking for a formal, posed photograph or a fun, creative snapshot, our photographers will work with you to translate that vision into a high resolution, professional quality image you can use again and again.
  • Event Videography - When it comes to preserving your staff development day with video, our media team has you covered! We can create a highlight video that will capture the ambiance of your event and communicate a concise message about the day's affairs.
  • Live Video Streaming - If attending the staff development day program in person is not an option for remote team members, consider giving them the option to participate in the day's events via a live video stream. Our videography team has the technology expertise and professional videography equipment to make it happen!

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