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Video Preview: Sales (Cross-Selling) Strategies Course with Corporate Trainer
Stan Elson

Sales Training (Cross-Selling, Upselling) Training for Your Organization's Employees

In this brief training preview, you’ll see how instructor Stan Elson presents sales training for employees with a focus on cross-selling or upselling. He discusses the importance of helping customers, product knowledge, the difference between features and benefits, and overcoming challenges through interactive discussions. You’ll find out why “you” just may be the most important word in your sales pitch. As with all of Mr. Elson’s courses, there is a strong emphasis on interactivity in the classroom including discussion, polls, group work, and “action scenarios.”

Interested in Bringing Sales Training to your Organization?

The full, in-depth version of this course can be customized to suit the needs and initiatives of any organization. To find out how to bring this topic and instructor -- or any of our other staff training courses -- to your facility, contact us:

Sharon Gutterman, Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: 848-932-7701

About Stan Elson, Sales Skills Corporate Trainer

Stan Elson has designed and delivered management, soft skills, customer service, sales, and technical training programs for over twenty years and has been teaching courses for corporate clients through Rutgers OCPE since 2007. His courses are creative, interactive, and focus on producing business results in a number of different industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and financial services. Specific topics addressed in his courses include dynamic presentations, performance appraisals, effective meetings, coaching, communication skills, team building, managing conflict, time management, and more.

Stan's education background includes a Master's Degree in Vocational Counseling from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Brooklyn College. In addition, he has earned the following professional certifications: Performance Consulting, Executive Presentation Skills, Facilitation Skills, Synchronous (On-Line) Designer and Synchronous Facilitation, and Appointment Making and Telephone Techniques.

How to Cross-Sell Effectively: Extended Video Preview

Can your organization benefit from Stan Elson's cross-selling course? Get a more in-depth look at the type of sales training that OCPE can provide in this extended course preview video.