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Employee Training and Development:
Business Development Courses

From sales skills to customer service to employee retention and everything in between, we have a variety of professional development courses to meet your staff's business skill training needs. Whether you are looking for a one hour seminar, half-day workshop or a customized certificate program, we've got you covered.

Some of the business courses we can bring to your facility include:

Business Development
This course is designed to help reinforce the skills needed to develop new business opportunities and enhance existing business. This course will focus on the fundamentals of setting objectives, provide an overview of the needs-based selling process, help employees prepare for customer calls, identify the steps of making a sales call from initial contact through closing the call and achieving desired results, help employees overcome common objections, and reinforce listening skills. Through scenarios and role-play, participants will develop the tools needed to network effectively and find additional future business prospects.
Business Ethics
This course, which utilizes the "Good People Bad Choices" video, is designed to help reinforce standards of ethical behavior in the workplace. The program includes an overview of ethics and workplace ethics, several case studies, and discussions of the value of business ethics to an organization. In all, this course will identify and encourage behaviors that ensure customers and clients are treated fairly and properly, increasing the reputation of an organization.
Compensation and Benefits
This course is designed to help managers and human resources professionals understand the importance of proper compensation to employee engagement and how to determine fair compensation and benefits for employees. The program will define terms such as salary, wages, and compensation, focus on the factors influencing compensation, and provide an overview of various benefits employees can receive.
Critical Thinking
This program will help participants to think through problems and obstacles in the workplace in a more effective manner. The course will begin by defining critical thinking and its importance to career success. It will also cover several cognitive biases that can prevent employees from thinking clearly. A step-by-step process to solving problems will also be discussed.
Cross-Selling / Suggestive Selling (View Course Video Preview)
In this class, participants will learn the sales technique of cross selling (also called suggestive selling), which will help them boost sales and better meet the needs of their customers. The course will discuss how to create rapport with a customer, what questions to ask to determine a customer’s additional needs, active listening, how to present additional products, and how to handle objections effectively.

Customer-Focused Sales Strategies (View Course Video Preview)
This program will provide participants with sales skills and knowledge that use the employee's understanding of the customer to make smart sales decisions. Employees will learn skills for creating positive customer connections, gain listening and questioning skills, and acquire an understanding of what is valuable to customers. Participants will also learn to see the sales process from both the buyer and seller's perspective.
Effective Interviewing
This program will provide essential tips and guidelines for determining the best person to fill a position. The course will cover how to keep an interview formal, grade interviewee responses, avoid asking illegal questions, and create the proper conversational balance between interviewer and interviewee. After completing this class, participants will be able to more effectively interview job candidates.
This workshop will provide participants with an interactive approach to negotiations. The program will identify negotiation as a fact of life, and teach skills for both formal and informal workplace negotiations. Negotiation styles, types of negotiations, and obstacles to fair and effective negotiations will also be covered.
Problem Solving (View Course Video Preview)
In this course, participants will gain advanced skills that will help them to identify and solve complex workplace and organizational problems. Topics include different problem-solving styles, the individual steps in the problem-solving process (such as defining the problem, developing solutions, considering the consequences, and evaluating the solution after implementation), and specific tools for the participant's problem solving toolbox.
Prospecting and Buyer-Focused Sales
Participants in this program will learn how to better identify potential customers and sell their goods and services more effectively by focusing their efforts on understanding and communicating with customers. The first half of the course will cover successful prospecting, with a specific focus on understanding the needs of potential customers. The second half of the course will help participants understand how to use understanding of customers to complete sales.
Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
This program explains the necessity of having strategically aligned plans and programs in place within an organization. The course will cover the essential components of a strategic plan, SWOT analysis, how to set specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, and timely, goals, and how to identify and overcome obstacles to the meeting of organizational goals.
Successful Networking / Working an Event
This course examines methods for improving networking skills in a variety of situations. The program begins by setting out networking guidelines for any situation, then discusses the details of networking over the phone, in-person, and electronically. The importance of following up after an initial meeting or conversation, as well as tips for making a follow-up successful, is also covered. The Working an Event program covers these important networking skills, but specifically in an event setting.
Suggestive Selling
In this class, participants will learn the sales technique of suggestive selling (also called cross selling), which will help them boost sales and better meet the needs of their customers. Designed for the Retail Sector, the course will discuss how to create rapport with a customer, what questions to ask to determine a customer's additional needs, active listening, how to present additional products, and how to handle objections effectively.
Talent Acquisition, Selection, and Retention
In this course, participants will gain a variety of skills related to identifying new talent, interviewing job candidates, and retaining employees from a variety of backgrounds. The program will begin with a step-by-step process for creating and advertising for a new position. An in-depth series of interviewing skills and techniques will also be covered. Finally, participants will learn key employee retention techniques, specifically those that pertain to working with four generations of employees.

For a complete list of our courses and descriptions, view our course catalog.

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