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NJDEP UST Training for Class A & B Operators Online Course


Course Code: EW0208WA21

Underground Storage Tank A/B Operator Training Course

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Date & Time

Offered Continuously Online

This offering is a self-paced online version of the course. This is NOT an instructor-led classroom offering. This course requires internet access and an email address. It will take approximately eight (8) hours to complete the course.


PLEASE NOTE: No Re-Certification Necessary for A/B Operators

To iron out any confusion, please know that A/B Operator Certifications do NOT expire in New Jersey at this time. Once you have taken this class and passed the International Code Council (ICC) exam, you are certified indefinitely and do NOT need to attend any further training.

We are aware that the ICC has sent renewal notifications stating your certification must be renewed every two years. These messages are incorrect and were mistakenly sent. Please disregard these ICC renewal notices.

The only time re-training or retesting may be required in New Jersey is if the DEP finds significant violations during facility inspections.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Michael Hollis, Chief, NJDEP Bureau of UST Compliance and Enforcement at michael.hollis@dep.nj.gov or 609-477-0945.

If You Own or Operate Regulated USTs, You Need This Course!

This Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Training Course is part of a new required training program for the operation of regulated USTs. An example of a regulated facility is a retail fuel facility.

The U.S. EPA has established new minimum training requirements for designated Class A, Class B, and Class C operators to ensure that those who own and operate regulated underground storage tanks understand how to operate and maintain their UST systems properly. The federal regulations dictate that all regulated UST facilities must have a trained Class A, B, and C operator.

UST Operator Classes

For the purposes of implementing the new UST operator training requirements, three classes of operators have been identified:

  • The Class A operator is typically the manager in charge of resources and personnel and is responsible for operating and maintaining the regulated UST system.
  • The Class B operator is designated by the owner/operator to have day-to-day responsibility for the regulated UST system.
  • The Class C operator is an individual designated by the owner/operator to be responsible for initially responding to emergencies and typically controls the dispensing or sale of regulated substances.

Each regulated UST facility must have a Class A, Class B, and Class C operator designated. All individuals designated as Class A, B, or C operators must, at a minimum, be trained according to the corresponding criteria.

Topics Covered

The NJDEP is combining the subjects for Class A and Class B in this new class that will cover the federally required training curriculum for A/B operators. Topics include:

  • Regulatory requirements applicable to UST systems;
  • Financial responsibility;
  • Notification and storage tank registration;
  • Environmental and regulatory consequences of releases;
  • Operation and maintenance of regulated UST systems;
  • Spill and overfill prevention;
  • Release detection and related reporting;
  • Corrosion protection and related testing;
  • Product and equipment compatibility; and
  • Training requirements for Class C operators (A/B operators may be responsible for training).

UST Class A/B Operator Exam

Completion of the A/B operator training program requires passing the Class A/B operator examination given by the International Code Council (ICC). To register for the exam, visit https://www.iccsafe.org/certification-exam-catalog. Use the exam code "NJ" to search for the exam and register. If you have questions about registering for the exam, call the ICC at 888-422-7233, ext. 5524.

The cost of this course includes a binder of course materials and a completion certificate, both of which you will need to have with you when you go to take the exam at an ICC testing facility. After registering and logging into the online course system, you will be prompted to provide a mailing address where we will send your binder and certificate via UPS overnight (next business day) service.

You are welcome to begin the course right away, without your binder, or you can wait until it arrives. We recommend waiting so that you can take any and all notes directly in the pages of the binder, allowing you to bring them with you to the exam. Notes written on loose papers will not be allowed into the testing facility. Please note: you do need to log-in to the Canvas online learning system and read through the welcome page to get to the binder/certificate request form. Submit this form to alert us to send out your course materials.

For more information about New Jersey's A/B Operator training program, please see the NJDEP website at http://www.nj.gov/dep/enforcement/ust.html.

Who Should Take this Course?

Anyone who owns or operates a regulated UST facility or wishes to be employed as a designated Class A or Class B operator will need to take this course.

Course Creators

NJDEP staff from the Bureau of UST Compliance & Enforcement have developed the content for this program.

NOTE: These new federal designations and corresponding training requirements are different from the state's regulatory training that is mandated for all New Jersey UST certified service providers every three years.

Registration Fee



There are no refunds for this program. Substitutions are not permitted.


No meals are provided with this program.

Accessing this Online Course

This course is offered online within the Canvas learning management system. You can access the course from anywhere with an internet connection.


  • If this is your first time registering with us, please provide your own unique email address when registering; do not provide an email address that you share with co-workers.

  • If you have previously taken classes with us and have used an email address that you share with your co-workers or supervisor, you must update your account with a unique email address. Click the Register Online button below and sign into your account. On the left side toolbar, click My Account. On the drop-down menu, click Edit Profile/Password. Scroll down to the Email Address field (not the secondary email address field!) and enter your own, individual (not shared!) email address here. Click the Submit button at the bottom to save. If you need assistance updating your account, please email or call (848-932-9271, option 2) our Registration Department.


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