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Radon Measurement Proficiency 16 Hour Online Course

Course Code: EA0702WB19

Radon Measurement Online Course

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Do you want to become a NRPP/NRSB/NJDEP Certified Radon Measurement Technician?

This is the class you need!


Offered Continuously Online


Approved as an entry level course for radon measurement by the NRPP, NRSB and NJDEP, this online course presents the information you need to initially become a certified radon measurement service provider and it prepares you for the two major national certification exams (NEHA-NRPP and NRSB) as well as New Jersey's exam for Radon Measurement Technicians.

You can also take this course to earn continuing education credits to maintain your radon certification without having to travel to a classroom. Because this is a self-paced online program, you will be free to work on this course anytime and anywhere you choose. You can keep your business schedule on track while still sharpening your skills and completing all CE requirements.

The topics covered in this online radon measurement course include:

  • the physics of radiation and atomic decay;
  • the health risks of radon;
  • how radon gas behaves and why it is found indoors;
  • how to properly deploy radon measurement devices;
  • techniques to mitigate radon from existing structures; and
  • safety strategies to protect you, your colleagues and your customers.

Exam Preparation

The certificate of completion you receive after taking this online course confirms that you have completed the proper study work required to sit for national (NRPP, NRSB) or state radon measurement certification programs. You will have to schedule to take any exams through the organization directly. Click here to learn more about the exam scheduling process.


If you plan to do radon work in New Jersey, you must take the New Jersey Radon Measurement Exam. Review these materials after completing the radon measurement online course to help improve your chances of passing the exam.

NOTE: This course requires internet access and an email address. The course content is presented primarily through text and pictures. This is NOT a video-based course.

Radon Measurement Certification FAQs

How do I become a Certified Radon Measurement Technician?

Requirements vary by state. Most states accept the national radon measurement certifications given by either the National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) or the National Radon Safety Board (NRSB), but some states have their own certification. Check with your state to be sure.

Rutgers is in New Jersey. What are the requirements there?

New Jersey has its own radon measurement certification. If you live in NJ, you do not need the NRSB or NRPP certifications – you need to take the NJDEP test. This test is administered by the NRPP and is offered at PSI testing centers.

How do I obtain the NRPP or NRSB radon measurement certification?

To be certified by the NRPP or the NRSB, you must first take an approved radon measurement certification course, such as this 16 Hour Radon Measurement Proficiency online course. Then you must pass either the NRPP or NRSB exam.

Where do I take these exams?

The NRPP and NJDEP radon measurement exams are available at PSI testing centers. Check and see which one is nearest to you.

To take the NRSB exam, you need to contact them and arrange a time and place.

Review step-by-step instructions for scheduling your radon measurement exam for more information.

Is this the certification I need to perform radon measurement for home inspections?

Check your state's requirements. In NJ, yes, this is what you need. In most other states, this is what you need.


To become a certified radon measurement technician, you need take the 16-hour Radon Measurement Course and then you need to pass either the NRPP or NRSB exam – unless you live in certain states (like NJ) in which case you need to take the class and then pass a state exam. Check the requirements of your state.

To see a visual explanation of the radon measurement certification process, view the How to Become a Certified Radon Measurement Professional infographic.

How Rutgers' Online Radon Courses Work

This is a self-paced online course hosted in Rutgers' Canvas learning management system.

You will receive notification emails and instructions for accessing the course a few minutes after you complete your registration. Look for a message from notifications@instructure.com with the subject line "Welcome to Canvas at Rutgers." Please check your Spam folder if you do not see it in your inbox. Follow the instructions in the email to create your Canvas account. You will also receive an email with the subject line "Course Invitation" that will enable you to access your specific course.

For all other registrations (mailed, faxed, emailed, by phone, etc.), you will receive these emails as soon as we process your registration.

NOTE: You must use the same email address to create your Canvas account that you used to register for the course. If you have previously taken any Rutgers online courses through our Canvas learning management system, you need to sign in with the same email and password you used for the earlier course.

If registering multiple people, you must use a DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS for each person. You will NOT be able to access the online course if you share an email address with another student.

If you need further assistance accessing the course, please contact our registration department at 848-932-9271, option 2 or registration@njaes.rutgers.edu.

Continuing Education Hours

National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) 16 credit hours
National Radon Safety Board (NRSB) 16 credit hours
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) 16 credit hours
International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) 16 credit hours

Notice to NRPP Certified Professionals:
The National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) has indicated that starting 1/1/2011, NRPP licensed individuals cannot take the same continuing education program more than once from a single provider. If you have taken this course with our office in the past, you will not be able to take that same course again.


Registration Fee: $299.00

There are no refunds for this program. Substitutions are not permitted for this program.


No meals are provided with this program.



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Program Questions? Contact Us!

Program Coordinator: Joe Canzano, 848-932-7317
Administrative Assistant: Beth Perez, 848-932-7483

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Attention U.S. Veterans

All of the courses offered by the Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education are approved by the New Jersey State Approving Agency for Veterans Training for educational benefits through the GI Bill. For more information about the GI Bill, click here.