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Microsoft Office Excel - Level 1


Course Code: CS0201WA21

Microsoft Excel Computer Training Class

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Date & Time

Last Held: August 20, 2020
8:30am - 12:00pm EDT (Check-in time: 8:15am EDT)

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This Excel training workshop is designed for students looking to learn the basic essential features of Microsoft Office Excel worksheets. This online class is instructor-led, so you can ask any questions you may have as you work through the lessons. Plus, the online format gives you the opportunity to practice the skills you learn firsthand on your own computer.

By participating in this class, students will learn how to create, edit, and save spreadsheets while gaining an understanding of basic formulas and functions.

Upon successful completion of this Microsoft Excel training course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate the spreadsheet using keyboard and mouse
  • Format text, numbers, rows, and columns
  • Select cell ranges for moving or copying data
  • Use the SUM functions in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Insert and format graphs
  • Use absolute and relative addressing
  • Create basic formulas

Students will also learn some timesaving tips and shortcuts to work more quickly and efficiently, and the instructor will set aside time to answer specific questions.

Students will complete instructor-led practice exercises to reinforce new skills.

Note: Most of the skills taught in this class are applicable to 2010, 2013, and 2016 versions of Excel. Windows operating system is used for instruction in all Microsoft Office workshops.

Prerequisite: Basic understanding of Windows

Want to read more about what you'll learn in Excel Level 1 training? Click to view a detailed course agenda.
  • Introduction to Excel
    • What is Excel?
    • Starting Excel and working with Excel
    • What is a workbook vs. a worksheet?
    • Working with your toolbars
    • Using and searching help
  • Working with Rows, Columns, and Cell Addresses
    • Making changes by right clicking
    • Selecting, formatting, merging, and deleting cells
    • Formatting and merging multiple columns
    • Using fill handle
    • Format painter
    • Basic math concepts
    • Creating basic formulas
  • Creating and Working with Charts
    • Adding and creating charts
    • Changing background and foreground colors
    • Adding charts and changing the properties of charts
    • Adding background and foreground color
  • Formatting and Organizing the Workbook
    • Using multiple worksheets within a workbook
    • Moving and renaming worksheets within a workbook
    • Adding hyperlinks to a spreadsheet
  • Creating Basic Formulas
    • How to build a formula using cell addresses
    • Creating formulas using relative references addressing
    • Absolute references addressing
0.35 Rutgers CEUs
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There are no refunds for this program. Substitutions are permitted.


No meals will be provided at this course.

Accessing this Online Course

This online course is being delivered via Webex. Registrants must access this course on a computer. Microphones are required; webcams are not necessary for this class.


  • If this is your first time registering with us, please provide your own unique email address when registering; do not provide an email address that you share with co-workers.

  • If you have previously taken classes with us and have used an email address that you share with your co-workers or supervisor, you must update your account with a unique email address. Click the Register Online button below and sign into your account. On the left side toolbar, click My Account. On the drop-down menu, click Edit Profile/Password. Scroll down to the Email Address field (not the secondary email address field!) and enter your own, individual (not shared!) email address here. Click the Submit button at the bottom to save. If you need assistance updating your account, please email or call (848-932-9271, option 2) our Registration Department.

Pre-registration is required.


Sorry, registration is not currently available for this course.

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