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Landscape Management II Certificate

  • Are you looking to offer services your competitors do not?
  • Are you looking to gain more upscale clients?
  • Are you looking for a respected credential to help close the deal?

The Rutgers Landscape Management II Certificate is the solution for you!

Landscape Management 2 Certificate

  • This certificate program consists of 10 classes that will teach you how to:
    • Take your business beyond basic lawn care and maintenance.
    • "Talk plants" with even the most knowledgeable customer.
    • Create popular and profitable outdoor constructions.
  • Do it all in one winter - or take a few courses each season until you've completed the requirements!
  • Total cost: $3950 (*Price is based upon early registration fee for each class.)
  • Please note: You do not need to complete the Landscape Management certificate in order to enroll in Landscape Management II certificate.
  • Questions about the Landscape Management II Certificate? Contact Us

Landscape Management II Certificate Program Courses:

You get 10 classes, plus the option of participating in 2 hands-on construction projects!

Introduction to Plant Identification Introduction to Plant Identification (November 2022 - Tentative)
Learn plant classification and biology basics to better understand how plants and trees are grouped and identified.
Landscape Design Training: Plant Identification & Selection Landscape Plants: Identification, Selection & Application (January 7 - March 18, 2022)
Gain a comprehensive knowledge of plants and how to best use them in a landscape.
Landscape Design Training

Landscape Design I: The Basics (January 7 - February 25, 2022)
Develop your eye for good design and improve your hand at drafting techniques.

Concrete Pavers Concrete Pavers (January 19, 2022)
Learn about excavation, installation, cutting, edging, and estimating.
Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable Landscape Design (January 20, 2022)
Make your landscapes more maintainable, environmentally sound, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

Retaining Wall Design and Installation Training Designing and Installing Retaining Walls (February 8, 2022)
Learn about design factors, material selection, and price estimating.
Designing Garden Beds and Borders Beds and Borders Seminar (March 1 & 2, 2022)
Learn to create and maintain outstanding garden beds and borders within a property.
Landscape Training, Outdoor Entertainment Spaces Outdoor Entertainment Spaces: Kitchens, Fire Pits and More (March 10, 2022)
Learn about the construction of these increasingly popular outdoor spaces.
Landscape Lighting Training Landscape Lighting: Design & LED Technology (April 12 & 13, 2022)
Learn the fundamentals of landscape lighting, including the selection of proper fixtures for design, LED technology, transformer sizing, wiring sizing, voltage loss, wire splicing techniques, and more.
ELECTIVE COURSES - Choose one of the following:

Landscape Business Management Skills Class

Better Business Management Skills for the Landscape Professional (January 5, 2022)
Marcus vandeVliet, who leads the ANLA's Masters in Landscape Business Management Program, will provide you with immediate solutions to make your business more profitable.

Landscape Sales Training

Making the Most Out of the Internet and Your Website (January 18, 2022)
Take your internet marketing to the next level and learn how to become a player in the digital world!

Business and Pricing Strategies

Common Sense Business & Pricing Strategies for Landscape Contractors (February 14, 2022)
Proper pricing and negotiating will ensure a higher profit margin, as well as more successful bids.

Key Elements of Sucess for Landscape Contractors

Landscape Project Management (TBD)
Many project problems originate during the transfer from sales to production. Marcus VandeVliet will show you how to make the transfer smooth and the preparation complete.

If you need to strengthen your core skills so you can promote your lawn care and landscape maintenance expertise, consider enrolling in our Landscape Management Certificate instead.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Landscape Management II Certificate

Do I need to apply for a certificate progam?
No. You just register for the individual classes.

How do I register for a certificate program?
You sign up for each class individually. The best way is to do it right here on our website.

Do I need to take all of the classes within a certificate in one year?
No. Do it all in one winter or take a few courses each season until you’ve completed the requirements!

For all inquiries, please contact Program Coordinator Joe Canzano: 848-932-7317 or jdc110@njaes.rutgers.edu.

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