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Wetland Delineation Certificate Series

wetland delineation certificateMeet the demand for qualified wetland delineators! Developers, consultants, preservationists, and regulatory agencies all require skilled professionals who are able to identify the vegetation, soils, and hydrology that define wetlands. Delineators also need to have the practical field training, regulatory background, and other experience to support their findings. The US Army Corps of Engineers does not currenty offer a Wetland Delineation Certification, but Rutgers University nationally-recognized Wetland Delineation Certificate Series will teach you how to accurately delineate wetlands and provide you with the necessary qualifications.

Benefits include:

The Wetland Delineation Certificate is awarded to participants who attend and successfully complete assignments for the following training courses:

NOTE: When you enroll in the series, you should complete the Vegetation Identification for Delineating Wetlands course prior to the Methodology for Delineating Wetlands course. If you are not familiar with wetlands, hydrology, or vegetation, we strongly recommend that you complete Introduction to Wetlands Identification prior to enrolling in the Certificate Series.

For more information about this certificate program, contact Suzanne Hills at 848-932-7234 or suzanne.hills@rutgers.edu.

Earn Your Recertification Credits!

Courses have been submitted to the following organizations for recertification approval, as applicable:

  • NJ Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (NJLS)
  • NJ Department of Health (Health Officers, REHS)
  • New York State Education Department (Professional Engineers)
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF)

Past Participants Say:

"I want to thank your office for actually offering these continuing education courses; they truly are one of a kind in the area, well worth the time and resources it takes to attend.  The professors are definitive experts in their related fields and are extremely enlightening.  I look forward to taking additional courses in the future." - Nicholas Ginther, Landscape Designer, DW Smith Associates, LLC

“The entire sequence of courses, taken all together, gave me what I wanted to know. I enjoyed this and learned something about a topic I knew nothing about!”

“A wealth of information and it was communicated clearly.”

“One of the best courses I’ve ever taken. Didn’t seem to skip or gloss over anything and didn’t tell us extraneous information we didn’t really need to hear.”

“All instructors have extensive expertise in wetlands identification and delineation. The group discussions were excellent and the classroom presentations were very interesting.”

“Thank you very much for the experience! A winning team!”

“Best courses I have ever taken. Instructors know what they are doing, know how to teach it and have excellent sense of humor.”

“Incredibly helpful! It was fascinating to learn from their techniques, which have been refined through years of experience.”

“All instructors are distinguished experts in their field. Learning directly from them is an invaluable experience.”