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Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education:
About Us

About Rutgers OCPE

Who We Are

The Office of Continuing Professional Education or "OCPE" provides educational opportunities for adults and adolescents through short courses, workplace training, and youth services. Our creative, friendly, and collaborative team of approximately 40 individuals includes program coordinators, grant managers, multimedia producers, registrars, marketers, accountants, and customer service staff.

We are proud to provide excellent customer service and offer practical, high-value programs that enrich our students with new skills, new careers, and new opportunities. Most of all, we love knowing that we're making a difference in the lives of others and the world around us, and that passion drives what we do.

What We Offer

Short Courses and Certificate Programs

• Over 350 short courses and programs each year, covering a wide range of environmental and science-based topics, from landscaping to food science, wetland identification to wastewater treatment.

• More than a dozen certificate programs designed to provide hands-on training and skills to help individuals launch or advance their careers in a particular field. Most are approved for New Jersey Department of Labor (NJ DOL) training grants for qualified unemployed NJ workers.

Every year, these programs give more than 20,000 participants a chance to develop skills, earn recertification credits, expand networks and boost careers.

Customized Employee Training & Development

Our workforce development unit provides customized professional development courses to make your company more competitive while giving your staff the skills they need to be more effective, productive, and valued members of your organization. Trainings are held on-site at company facilities, or, if space isn't available, they are hosted by Rutgers.

We also simplify the process of accessing and using NJ DOL grants to fund customized employee training opportunities to participating companies. With grant-funded training, there are typically no out of pocket costs to the business except the cost of paying the wages of the employees while they are being trained.

Technology Services for Education, Training, Certifications, and More

OCPE's technology services team creates professional, customized training content, technology tools, and data management solutions to meet the needs of all types of organizations. A few of these projects include:

• Delivering statewide IT systems for public health and emergency medical services (EMS) workforce tracking, education, and certification management

• Creating science-based, practical online training programs for healthcare and preparedness professionals

• Developing performance measures and metrics to systematically quantify local health department activities, capacity, and outcomes

• Providing applied training and tools to promote implementation of quality improvement in governmental settings

• Producing training materials and promotional documents to improve recycling rates

Youth Development

Our Transitional Education and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway group is committed to building productive futures for at-risk and disconnected urban youth across the state. T.E.E.M. Gateway provides education and employment assistance, mentoring, and support services through various projects and Youth Education and Employment Success (YE2S) Centers in Newark and Camden.

About Rutgers OCPE